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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.






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I recently moved into a new home and now have an entire room dedicated to makeup! I decided it was finally time to update my vanity situation, and of course, I’m sharing every detail with you.

I bought my vanity from Wayfair more than three years ago after searching for what seemed like forever. WI wanted something white with lots of drawers and a mirror, which was surprisingly difficult to find on a budget. Although I wish the material were easier to clean and the handles were cuter, it’s everything I need considering the price.

I organize my foundations and concealers in the top left drawer using a set of five acrylic drawer organizers. In my top middle drawer, I separate my bronzer, blushes, highlighters and setting powders using 6″ x 6″ acrylic drawer organizers. For my eye products, like mascaras and eyeliners, I use 3″ x 6″ acrylic drawer organizers. I also recommend storing your lipsticks in an acrylic makeup organizer.

To the left of my vanity, I have an Ikea Alex 9 Drawer, where I keep skincare, makeup and hair products that I reach for less often. I like to organize those drawers with 7-section makeup trays.

Acrylic 3-Tier Rolling Cart

This cart is such a clean, beautiful way to display my products. It was easy to assemble and is amazing quality, making it completely worth the splurge.

Small Acrylic Organizer

This clear organizer is a great way to showcase some of more small, aesthetic products. The compartments in the back fit my brushes, while the drawer fits my mini liquid blushes.

Acrylic Square Rotating Organizer

I am so happy I discovered this organizer. I use the four center compartments for taller products like face mists and liquid illuminators and then the compartments on the sides for lip and cheek products, but the options are truly endless. It holds so much, and the fact that is spins is so convenient.

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Hey, I'm Makena.

I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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