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I have wanted the Too Faced Natural Eyes eyeshadow palette for a very long time and finally bought it for myself, so I thought I would do a very detailed review on everything you need to know about this product! This has quickly become my holy grail eyeshadow palette and I use it almost every day, more than any of my other palettes.

Each shade is labeled and each row is conveniently arranged to create a “day” look, a “classic” look, and a “fashion” look. The palette closes with a magnet and has a mirror on the inside of the lid along with step-by-step instructions to create each of the three recommended looks. It’s fairly small and compact which makes it ideal for traveling.

“Heaven”: cream matte
“Cashmere Bunny”: taupe matte
“Sexpresso”: deep brown matte


From Left to Right: “Silk Teddy”, “Cashmere Bunny”, and “Sexpresso”

“Silk Teddy”: peach champagne shimmer
“Push-Up”: light bronze pearl
“Erotica”: charcoal brown with gold flecks


From Left to Right: “Silk Teddy”, “Push Up”, and “Erotica”

“Nudie”: fawn matte
“Honey Pot”: gold pearl
“Chocolate Martini”: deep espresso with gold shimmer


From Left to Right: “Nudie”, “Honey Pot”, and “Chocolate Martini”

You can create countless looks with this collection from natural daytime looks to dramatic smokey eyes. Each shade is universal for all skin tones, highly pigmented, creamy, and easy to blend. They last all day with the help of some primer and only have very minimal fall-out. My favorite part of this product is that it has the perfect balance of shimmery shades to neutral shades, which is hard to find in most eyeshadow palettes! I also like how they give you a larger amount of the shades that you would use most often. If my palette ever runs out (which it eventually will since I use it so much) I  will definitely repurchase it and feel that it is worth $36. Unlike other palettes I own, I actually use and love each and every shade in this collection. I recommend this for beginners looking to purchase their first high-end palette, anyone who loves nudes, and someone searching for a compact palette with everything needed for travelling.


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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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