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Tati Westbook is one of my all-time favorite beauty influencers due to her always-honest reviews, her tasteful and talented tutorials, her depth of knowledge surrounding makeup, and her kind-hearted personality — so when she launched her very own eyeshadow palette, I knew I wanted to add it to my collection. The Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1 — which can be purchased for $48 from the brand’s website — is here, and today, I am trying my best to channel Tati herself by providing you with a genuine and educational review.


This product arrived in a matching cardstock slip and a large cardboard box with Tati’s beautiful photo on the inside, which I thought was a special touch. The palette itself features a soft matte, easy-to-clean finish in a charcoal gray shade with bronze lettering on the front. It is weighted and sturdy with magnetic closure, and it contains a high-quality mirror that is large enough to actually rely on when doing a full face of makeup. I was initially worried that the shadows, especially the glitters, would be too fragile, but I have traveled with this several times and they are very protected. The packaging, much like the overall color story, is simple, timeless, and user-friendly.


{Shade Range & Finishes}

Textured Neutrals may seem like just another neutral eyeshadow palette, but one aspect that makes it a bit more unique is that although it contains a total of 24 shades, it consists of only six colors — each in four different finishes.

The Mattes feature a buildable, easy-to-blend formula perfect for adding depth and definition in the crease and outer corner. The Sequins consist of a matte base with subtle, finely-milled sparkles spread sporadically throughout. The Metallics silky, smooth shimmers for a refined, rather than over-the-top, glistening effect. The Glitters are a chunky yet sophisticated pressed glitter with an emollient base.

  • ‘Memory ’: an intense black
    • ‘Matte Memory’: a true black perfect for using as an eyeliner
    • ‘Sequin Memory’: a deep, charcoal grey with silver sparkles
    • ‘Metallic Memory’: a pigmented blue-toned gunmetal
    • ‘Glitter Memory’: a blue-toned, dark silver
  • ‘Ritual’: a rich dark brown
    • ‘Matte Ritual: a classic, chocolatey brown
    • ‘Sequin Ritual’: a medium brown with silver sparkles
    • ‘Metallic Ritual’: a golden, warm-toned tawny
    • ‘Glitter Ritual’: a deep bronze
  • ‘Story’: a warm, burnt orange
    • ‘Matte Story: a bold orange-red
    • ‘Sequin Story’: a bold orange-red with silver sparkles
    • ‘Metallic Story’: a slightly lighter orange shade with copper reflects
    • ‘Glitter Story’: a slightly deeper red-toned copper
  • ‘Soothe’: a medium caramel beige with warm undertones
    • ‘Matte Soothe: an everyday, warm brown transition shade
    • ‘Sequin Soothe’: a warm brown with silver sparkles
    • ‘Metallic Soothe’: a warm, orangey gold
    • ‘Glitter Soothe’: a darker, brown-based gold
  • ‘Aura’: a pale cream shade with pink undertones
    • ‘Matte Aura: a light cream
    • ‘Sequin Aura’: a light wash of shell with silver sparkles
    • ‘Metallic Aura’: a warm-toned, pinky champagne
    • ‘Glitter Aura’: a cool, silvery champagne
  • ‘Poet’: a red-based cranberry shade
    • ‘Matte Poet: a rich burgundy
    • ‘Sequin Poet’: a purple-toned burgundy with blue sparkles
    • ‘Metallic Poet’: a pink-based cranberry
    • ‘Glitter Poet’: a glistening cranberry

I think Tati did an excellent job of providing a well-balanced color story for all skin-tones, which I truly admire. Obviously, neutrals are complimentary on everyone, but because there are fewer pale shades, I think this might actually be more complimentary on deeper skin tones than on fair skin tones.

The one and only critique I have about this palette is that I would love to add another, lighter and more cool-toned transition shade because I get tired of only being able to use ‘Matte Soothe.’ Most people will likely hit pan on it far sooner than any of the other shades.


{Quality & Formula}

As I expected from someone who is well-versed in the world of makeup with incredibly high standards, this palette is amazing quality.

Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, each shadow is pigmented, blendable, and long-lasting.

The Matte and Sequin finishes had more kickback in the pan than I expected —similar to Huda Beauty shadows rather than the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill shadows, for example — but I actually found this helpful; considering how rich and even bold some of these colors are, this powdery texture made it easy to eliminate any harsh lines and create a soft, blown out look.

The Metallics are not the most foiled shadows I own, but I can definitely tell that this was intentional and not a mistake, as they can easily be intensified using my fingertip or a damp, flat brush. I like that they stick to the lid and have little fallout.

I am so happy to finally own glitter eyeshadows that I can actually use since I do not own a glitter glue. These Glitters were created to be self-adhesive and effortlessly transfer from the fingertip to the lid, and although they are more messy than I would prefer, they do stay on the lid by themselves due to the wet-like texture. I make sure to use a more matte eyeshadow primer when I use this finish because the emollient base can sometimes look a little oily throughout the day.

One of my favorite aspects of the formula is the consistency among each of the finishes; in many eyeshadow palettes, one random shade is not pigmented or blendable enough, but each of the 24 shadows in this palette features the same, easy-to-use formula.


Let’s be real — practically all neutral eyeshadow palettes are flattering and versatile, and although this is both of those things, I think the variety of finishes and pre-made color stories makes this ideal for everyday, day-to-night looks, regardless of skill level. The formulas are absolutely impeccable, and it has everything I need and more, making it worth the $48.

I hope this post gave you better insight into this new product; please let me know if you have any questions. If you want to see this palette in action, click here for three glittery eye looks.

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