Summer Skin Care Favorites I’ll Love Year-Round

As summer fades into the past, many of us alter our makeup and skincare routines according to the dropping temperatures. There are, however, three stand-out skincare favorites from summer that I plan to love all year long.

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My Glowy Skin Care Routine + Why I’m Grateful for My Acne Journey

Although makeup is what truly makes me happy and excited, I must admit that no amount of makeup can compensate for not taking good care of your skin. I have gotten so many requests to share my skincare routine with you all and to be honest, I have been putting it off for quite a while. I keep thinking, “Why would anyone want to know about my skincare routine when I have far from perfect skin?” Putting this hesitation aside, I want to take this opportunity to be real and raw.

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Everything You Need to Know to Find Your Perfect Foundation

A high quality foundation is absolutely essential for a high quality makeup look, but unfortunately finding a product that looks and feels amazing all day is often a challenging and lengthy process. Keep reading if you want to know my most helpful strategies to finally purchasing your perfect foundation.

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