August Beauty Favorites |2017

August Beauty Favorites |2017

August was a very eventful month for me and my most-worn makeup products reflected the transition from my Summer break to my first few weeks of school.  These five favorites are all very multifaceted -- simple enough for everyday while still staying glamorous!


My Everyday Drugstore Makeup Look for School

Because I love makeup so much, I like to wear makeup to school. I realize that not everyone wants to wear makeup to school everyday and I respect that, but if you're interested in my natural makeup look for school, then keep on reading! The first thing I do is wash, moisturize, and prime my [...]

Back to School Makeup Tag!

 Top 3 Backpack Beauty Essentials: I always have a lip product with me no mater what because the feeling of bare, dry lips drives me absolutely crazy and because I think some shine or a little swipe of color makes me look so much more put together. I also keep a mini hair brush/mirror thing with [...]