New Makeup for the New Year: A Rose Gold ColourPop Haul| 12 Days of Christmas


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Left to Right: ‘Total Package’, ‘Ego’ ‘High Strung’, ‘Weenie, ‘La La’, ‘Amaze’, ‘Wattles’


Left to Right: ‘Amaze’, ‘La La’, ‘Weenie’, “Wattles’


Left to Right; ‘Ego’, ‘High Strung’


ColourPop ‘Total Package’ Pressed Powder Highlighter


Swatches from Left to Right: ‘Amaze’, ‘La La’, ‘Weenie’, ‘Wattles’, ‘Ego’, ‘High Strung’, ‘Total Package’

Today I would like to share with you the products that I recently purchased from ColourPop; although you would be completely correct to say that all of the products in this haul are exactly the same color, I strongly believe that there is nothing quite as beautiful as a shimmery rose gold makeup look, especially when it is worn on New Year’s Eve! have always wanted to try ColourPop makeup and now that I have, I adore so many of their products due to the amazing color range, the high quality formulas, and the affordable price tag. If you love rose gold as much as I do and are interested in learning about a few budget-friendly makeup products to keep you glowing through 2018, then please continue scrolling…

ColourPop’s ever-so-popular Super Shock Shadows have a very unique cream to powder formula with a soft, bouncy texture, delivering intense, long-lasting color payoff without any fallout.’ These really do feel like an actual cream eyeshadow, which I love because they are crazy pigmented and never fade away throughout the day. Because of their texture, the shimmery shades work best when patted onto the lid using your finger tips and then blending out the edges with a brush after. If you struggle with your traditional cream eyeshadows never blending out and then disappearing when they finally do, then I think these are ideal. I do not know how or why, but I find that when using these four colors, I do not need or want to use an eyeshadow primer or dampen my brush because the formula is so high quality despite the $5 price tag — and no, this post is not sponsored, I just love my recent discoveries! In case you have not noticed, I am obsessed with rose gold eyeshadow, so I purchased ‘Amaze’, a ‘peachy gold with multi-dimensional glitter’, ‘La La’, an ‘ultra-glittery soft copper’, and ‘Weenie’, an ‘ultra-metallic true rose gold’ with a foiled finish. These all look absolutely stunning and I love using them to create my signature neutral, shimmery smokey eye. Although these three shades are all very similar, they are slightly different; ‘Amaze’ is the lightest with more gold than the others and silver glitter, ‘La La’ is a true rose gold shade with pink undertones, and ‘Weenie’ is slightly darker with more copper undertones. Honestly, unless you are like me and possess a strong desire to own every shimmery rose gold shade on the market, then you definitely could just choose one of these. Next, I chose ‘Wattles’, a ‘dusty beige pink satin’ with a soft pearl finish. This shade is wonderful for blending through my crease when I want a more natural mauve look with a subtle sheen. The best part of this haul is that their entire Super Shock line was buy one get one free, so I did not even have to pay for two of my four shades!

I also decided to buy two of the brand’s Pressed Powder Shadows, both of which are highly pigmented, easily blendable, and longwearing. At $4 each, these are so affordable and the quality of the formula is honestly almost exactly the same to Mac or Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyeshadows, which is so exciting! Unlike their other line, these shadows are typical powders, so you can apply them with a brush. The first one I chose is ‘Ego’, a metallic rosy champagne, which is the quintessential all-over-the-lid shade for a radiant and pretty everyday look. I also purchased ‘High Strung’, a metallic rose gold with copper undertones. I have heard so many wonderful things about this color and it looks just as beautiful as I thought it would, especially when paired with similar tones.

Lastly, I decided to buy one of ColourPop’s Pressed Powder Highlighters, which are known for their smooth texture, bendable formula, and high shine finish. I chose x ‘Total Package’, which is, of course, a metallic rose gold. This is not a subtle or natural highlighter and even though it does have lots of visible shimmer in it, it is very finely milled and extra glowy, which I appreciate. If you have lighter skin or maybe even medium, this will probably be too deep to use as a highlighter, but if used correctly, it can make a lovely blush overlay. The formula is very similar to their pressed powder eyeshadows, and I like to apply this highlighter with a small, fluffy brush and then blend it out with a slightly damp beauty sponge for an added glow. This true rose gold will also make the most gorgeous eyeshadow, so if you want a multi-tasking makeup product, then this will be for you!

Have you tried anything from ColourPop before? Which of these sparkly rose gold shades would you wear to celebrate a brand new year?


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  1. trendylayers says:

    I havent tried them but High Strung looks super cuttee!

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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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