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Hello, everyone and thanks for reading! I’ve been wanting to share my collection of perfumes and fragrances for quite some time so that’s what I’ll be doing. Keep reading if you want to discover a myriad of wonderful-smelling scents!


Vince Camuto Original and Lolita Lempicka “Sweet”: the only two full-sized perfume bottles I own.

  • Lolita Lempicka “Sweet Perfume”: This is my most special perfume because I actually bought it in Paris and so whenever I wear it I just reminds me of when I went there with my parents! The cherry-inspired bottle with gold kiss marks is adorable on my vanity and I love the sweet yet sophisticated scent. It’s supposed to smell like chocolate covered cherries. I know that sounds scary for most people because I hate that medicine-like artificial cherry scent, but this smells nothing like it! It’s described as a “cherry-cocoa gloss accord” and is addicting to smell. I only wear this on special occasions and I always get compliments. I find that it lasts really well, especially when I spray some in my hair, too. You can find this in France at Sephora, but you can also buy them online if you’re in the US or UK. I believe mine was around $60 for 2.7 oz.
    • Top Notes: cherry, sugar
    • Middle Notes: cocoa, angelica
    • Base Notes: musk, cashmere woods



My adorable mini bottles of Pacifica’s “Island Vanilla” and Marc Jacobs “Daisy Eau So Fresh”…

  • Pacifica Island Vanilla Spray Perfume: If you’re like me and love the scent of tue vanilla extract then you should definitely try this one. It’s $22 for a tropical 1 oz. bottle that reminds me of a message in a jar. I don’t wear it too much, but I love to spray it almost like an air freshener because who wouldn’t want their entire life to smell like vanilla bean ice cream?
    • Top Notes: Tahitian vanilla
    • Middle Notes: honey-jasmine
    • Base Notes: tea
  • Marc Jabobs “Daisy Eau So Fresh”: First off, how cute is this itty bitty baby bottle? I got mine at CVS for around $10 and really want to buy a larger one from Sephora. I’m not a fan of the original “Daisy”, but I love this one because it’s lighter and more fruity and fresh. I love how feminine it is and I’ve been adoring it for Spring!
    • Top Notes: raspberry, grapefruit, pear
    • MIddle Notes: violet, wild rose, apple blossom
    • Base Notes: musk, cedarwood, plum



Even though I’d much rather buy the mini bottles, I usually end up getting rollerballs because they’re a lot cheaper!

  • CLEAN “Rain” Rollerball: I’ve always loved the smell outside after it rains, but since that almost never happens where I live, I thought a rain-inspired perfume would be a nice alternative. This is a very aquatic scent that feels really fresh and, well, clean! It almost reminds me of infused water with honeydew melon and cucumbers. I love the beautiful aqua packaging, too. It’s so unique and I highly recommend it because I plan to get the full-sized bottle eventually!
    • Top Notes: dewy melon, daffodil, watermint
    • Middle Notes: spring daisy, water lilly, violet leaves
    • Base Notes: fluid musks, sleek woods
  • Escada “Turqoise Summer”: This is one of my very favorite perfumes and it’s a beautiful light fruity floral with a summery sweetness! I also love this because even though it looks like a rollerball, it’s actually a mini spray, which I prefer much more! I definitely plan to puchase a full-sized bottle eventually because not only is the scent one of my favorites, but the packaging is stunning with a blue ombre bottle and pink and blue butterflies!
    • Top Notes: raspberry, pineapple, strawberry, blackcurrant
    • Medium Notes: violet, peach, orange blossom, melon
    • Base Notes: vanilla, sandalwood
  • Pacifica “Hawaiian Ruby Guava” Rollerball: I bought this in Hawaii, which makes it even more tropical-feeling and I mainly use this for the summer and on beachy vacations. It’s very fruity and amazing for instantly boosting your mood!
    • Top Notes: guava
    • Medium Notes: pomelo
    • Base Notes: coconut


  • Victoria’s Secret “XO, Victoria” Rollerball: This is my most recent purchase and I even bought the matching cosmetic bag to go with it. My friend and I both bought one because they were giving samples at Victoria’s Secret and I just couldn’t stop smelling it! It’s very lovely and feminine and reminds me of a beautiful rose garden in the Spring. Plus, the packaging is adorable with the little white bow and watercolor flowers!
    • Top Notes: victoria rose
    • Middle Notes: lady apple
    • Base Notes: English ivy


  • Pink Sugar Hair Perfume: I know I’m kinda late on the Pink Sugar bandwagon, but I just love this one because it smells like a mature yet very sweet cotton candy scent. This one’s around $10-$15 and I love it because it’s just like the Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works fragrance mists and can be used like normal perfume or on your hair.
    • Top Notes:  cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, bergamot
    • Middle Notes: sicilian orange, licorice, strawberry, fig leaf
    • Base Notes: musk, sandalwood, powder
  • Victoria’s Secret Love Spell “Cherry Blossom & Peach” Fragrance Mist: This is my all-time favorite everyday scent for school and I’m about to cry right now because I just realized its discontinued:( it’s the perfect light and fruity scent and smells just like a peach smoothie with tropical sweet flowers. Plus the bottle is my favorite color!
    • Top Notes: peach, cherry blossom
    • Middle Notes: white jasmine
    • Base Notes: chamomile

My collection of mini Bath and Body Works fragrance mists!

  • Bath & Body Works “Vanilla Bean Noel” Travel Fine Fragrance Mist: This one’s a holiday scent and smells just like vanilla and sugar cookies and Christmas and I love it!
    • Top Notes: vanilla, sugar cookies, whipped cream
    • Middle Notes: caramel, chocolate, benzoin
    • Base Notes: musk
  • Bath & Body Works “Pretty as a Peach” Travel Fine Fragrance Mist: I love peach for Spring so I was so excited when I saw this one!
    • Top Notes: peach
    • Middle Notes: fruit
    • Base Notes: vanilla
  • Bath & Body Works “Paris Amour” Fine Fragrance Mist: This one is a very light floral fragrance with a hint of sweetness and fruitiness that I can’t pinpoint. Love the name!
    • Top Notes: mandarin orange, strawberry, apple blossom
    • Middle Notes: freesia, jasmine, peach, pink tulip, water lily
    • Base Notes: musk, vanilla, champagne


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  1. Looking through your blog right now and I really love the content and what you have to say. All these makeup ideas and tips are awesome.

  2. Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret is one of the best smelling body mists, I don’t know why they discontinued it.

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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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