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Hey, everyone! I am honestly so excited right now because I can’t wait to show all of you one of my very favorite places in the whole world! My makeup vanity! Eeeek! Pretty much all makeup lovers understand how meaningful, personal, and important a nice space is to organize and hang out with all of the wonderful makeup they own. That’s why I’m so happy to be sharing pictures of my “vanity” and how I organize everything! To be honest, I never actually apply my makeup at this desk, but I store almost all of my makeup here and write my posts and edit my photos here!


My makeup “vanity”is actually a desk that I’ve had in my room ever since I can remember, but never really used. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy Ikea desk, just you what you already have!

On the very top shelf of the desk, I just store cosmetic bags that I use every once in a while for traveling since I can’t reach it without standing on the chair. I keep the cosmetic bags in old Sephora gift boxes that I’ve gotten from family members. In the middle, I have a framed gift bag from a Taylor Swift collection that I thought was really pretty since it’s my favorite color along with some sparkly things and some pretty rocks.


Here’s a look at the top shelf of my desk!

If you look at the lower shelf, you will find two Marilyn Monroe canvases with inspirational Marilynesque quotes on them that I really like! I also have some of my favorite family photos in some cute girly frames as well as a liptick kiss poster that I made.


This is the lower shelf of my desk. I lined the edges of the shelf with really pretty washi tape to add a pop of color!

On the far left side the shelf, I have a little dish I found with some Bath and Body Works’ hand sanitizers. I also have two really cute photo booth strips from some of my school dances on the side.


Both of the Marilyn Monroe canvases are from Icing by Claire’s.

On the far right of the shelf, I have another Marilyn canvas with a cute little glass candy jar. I used some floral washi tape on to give it a little something extra and fillied with EOS lip balms so it looks like candy! So cute!


Me being in Sephora is like being a kid in a candy store!

On my vanity top, I have all sorts of stuff! Even though I don’t actually sit down at this desk and apply my makeup, I do the majority of my beauty blogging and some of my homework here!


This is where all the magic happens!

On the far left side of the desk, I store most of my lip products in these plastic drawers. As you can see, I have two lamps on both sides to add some extra light. Next to my lip drawers, I have a small clear container filled with my rollerball perfumes, which I hope to dedicate an entire post to later on!


These are also lined with washi tape, but eventually I hope to spray paint them white to look more stream-lined and sleek.

In the center of the vanity, I have a shiny white tray where I keep some of my most trasured and aesthetically pleasing items! To the left is the famous Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Cream Bronzer. Even though I don’t use it all the time, it’s still the prettiest and most luxurious thing I own! In the center, I keep thos hot pink napkin holder I got for a few dollars at Tuesday Morning. Inside, I keep a cute little black and gold perforated cosmetic bag from Target for easy access. I use this on a daily basis whenever I’m going somewhere and I just want to bring my phone, some lipgloss, and a few bucks. Next, I have my “Sweet” perfume by Lolita Lempicka which I bought in Paris!


These are a few of my favorite things!

In this corner of my vanity, I have a purple mesh bin with three of my eyeshadow palettes, and several unopened products including the real BeautyBlender (I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the real thing, but now I’m to nervous to actually get it dirty)!


Here’s a peek at the right corner of my desk where I keep some eyeshadow palettes, my most-used lip products, and a picture of my and my bestie!

Inside the purple container, I use a letter holder from Burlington Coat Factory to organize my eyeshadow palettes. This a useful and unique way to store your palettes.


Here we have the Tarte “Rainforest After Dark” Palette, the original Urban Decay “Naked” eyeshadow palette, and my amazing holy grail Too Faced “Natural Eyes” eyeshadow palette!

In this little makeup organizer, I keep my most reached for lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip pencils that I use every single day! I also keep three little compact mirrors in the left section along with a couple lip pencils, lip crayons, and lip glosses!


I’ve got some Bite, NYX, Elle, Almay, Milani, L’Oreal, MAC, Maybelline, Revlon, Wet n Wild, and Tarte.

I hope you liked seeing all of these of the most important part of my room, my makeup corner and that my organization and decoration inspired and helped you in some way. If you wanted to see how I actually store the rest of my makeup, I will doing an entire post on all of that very soon! I would love to see some feedback from all of you on how you liked this type of post and of course, let me know the favorite thing about your own vanity!


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  1. Everything is so girly and cute! I love it 🙂

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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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