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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.






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What is and what is the LTK Spring Sale? is the largest influencer shopping app, allowing users to easily purchase products from their favorite social media posts. I have used the app for years to shop my most-loved Instagram looks, and now that I am a RewardStyle influencer, I can share my most-loved products with you and earn a small commision when you purchase something through my affiliate links.

The LTK Spring Sale is the app’s annual savings event. Today through Sunday, April 11, app users will have access to exclusive sales and promo codes for 11 different brands. The sale lasts for only one weekend, and it is only available through the app.

How to Shop the LTK Spring Sale:
  • First, you’ll need to download the app and sign up for a free account. If you’d like, you can follow me @makeupbymakena.
  • This weekend, every post that includes participating retailers’ products — including my own — will feature a red #LTKSpringSale sticker in the top right corner. 
  • When you click on a post, a ‘Shop the Pic’ section will open, and products included in the sale will also have the red sticker. When you tap a product for more details, you will have the option to copy the LTK Day promo code. 
  • You can save for your favorite products for later by tapping the heart icon or by adding it to a collection. When you are ready to make a purchase, complete the checkout process and then paste the promo code.
Participating Brands:
Shop My Top Picks:

Elemis Cleansing Balms
Elemis Bestsellers
Tarte Concealers
Tarte Cheek & Lip Products
Tarte Eyeshadow & Mascara
IT Cosmetics Makeup
It Cosmetics Skincare & Beauty Tools
Abercrombie Dresses
Abercrombie Tops & Jeans
Abercrombie Bikinis
Express Dresses
Express Blazers
Express Shoes
Quay Sunglasses

For even more of my wishlists and favorites, 
follow me on the app @makeupbymakena.

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Hey, I'm Makena.

I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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