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 {My Favorite Blogs}

I know that reading blogs is not as common as it used to be but it is definitely my favorite platform and one of my greatest passions, so if you are looking for excellent new beauty posts to read, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites. 


Southern Curls and Pearls: Easily one of my most favorite blogs to read, SC&P by Caitlin Covington has a wide variety of content that I think many of you would enjoy. Her style is impeccable, her beauty posts are so well executed, her travel guides are absolutely breathtaking, and she has the best book recommendations.

Thirteen Thoughts: Paula from 13T continues to impress me with her unique blog posts and her signature style of flatlays — mostly monochrome black and white with effortless pops of color. I really admire how she complements her makeup content with discussions about mental health and happiness.

The Beauty Look Book: Sabrina’s blog is my go-to for reliable, thorough reviews on luxury beauty products. Her photos are not only beautiful but also showcase the products wonderfully, and her swatches are so helpful. I love how professional she is.

Jasmine Talks Beauty: I could spend ages reading Jasmine’s blog posts and admiring her brightly lit, well-composed photos. I adore her writing style and her taste in products; if you are looking for easy-to-read yet very informative beauty-related content, be sure to check out her website. 

Kate La Vie: Kate’s blog is absolutely gorgeous in every way. Like many of the blogs I am mentioning today, she is so talented when it comes to taking photos but she is also great at creating fresh content. Whenever I visit her website, I leave feeling inspired and ready to buy a lot of new beauty products.

Barely There Beauty: I’ve been reading Jennifer’s blog for quite a while now and although I initially loved it for her incredible photography skills, I soon fell in love with her writing as well. Although I admit that I usually stick to her beauty section, she has some of my favorite roundups and edits ever. 

Byrdie: Last but certainly not least is Byrdie Beauty: the ultimate source for the latest launches, the best product lists, and all the pro tips. Due to its eye-catching titles and innovative yet relevant content, I’m not ashamed to admit that I have been caught with over ten tabs open, all of them Byrdie article


{My Favorite YouTube Channels}

Of course I still love and watch all of my favorite classic beauty gurus like Jaclyn Hill, Tati, and Kathleen Lights, but today I want to share some channels that you might not be aware of yet.


Maggie MacDonald: Maggie’s vlogs and lifestyle videos are so fun and easy to watch, and she has amazing product recommendations; if you read my makeup organization post, you know that I purchased the exquisite marble display after I saw it in Maggie’s apartment tour video.

Dacey Kash: I recently fell in love with Dacey’s beauty channel and really appreciate how high quality and detail-oriented her content is. I feel like her videos were made for me because I love and want to watch every single one. She creates the prettiest naturally and glowy looks.

Hindash: If you are looking for truly glamorous and elegant makeup tutorials, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Hindash because I have been loving his videos. I really admire his artistry and love how he balances his warm, neutral looks with more colorful ones.

Kristina x Makeup: Kristina’s makeup always looks so stunning, and her videos are replete with helpful techniques and tips. I enjoy watching her tutorials because like me she uses mostly neutral bronzey and rosy shades but also inspires me to create more dramatic and photogenic looks.

Sam Ozkural: I discovered Sam and her channel around two years ago and it instantly became one of my most favorites. Although she focuses on health and fitness, which I love, do not underestimate her makeup videos because her looks are some of the prettiest out there.

Elanna Pecherle: With lovely and very wearable makeup looks and always honest opinions, Elanna is another must-watch channel. She provides excellent strategies for achieving flawless, luminous skin and she also has amazing product recommendations.

Paige Koren: I discovered Paige when she won a shopping spree giveaway with Jaclyn Hill and I am so glad I did because she is an incredible YouTuber. Her personality is so fun and friendly, and I always look forward to hearing her share her recent purchases and favorites.


{My Favorite Instagram Accounts}

There are so many Instagram accounts but these are the ones that I always check in my spare time. I also wanted to include some less popular influencers in this list too!


This was the hardest category for me because I follow hundreds of amazing accounts and see so many beautiful beauty-related posts per day, but here are a few I am loving at the moment and have been deliberately browsing. 

@sivanayla: Sivan is one of my most favorite influencers and one of the few people whose stories I always watch all the way through. She is real and genuine, sassy in the best way possible, and has the best taste in everything from cute outfuts and minimal makeup to home decor and baby clothes. 

@morganfaymua: If you enjoy following makeup artists on IG, then look no further than Morgan. I love watching her share her tips for wedding and prom makeup and never fails to make her clients face and eye makeup look both natural and flawless.

@violet_hollow: I can’t remember the last time I went on Insta without engaging with Sam and her content in some way. Her makep flatlays are so feminine and stunning, and she is so supportive and kind. I wish her all the success.

@talliia: I discovered Talia’s account a few months ago and have become obsessed with her colorful, perpetually summery feed. Her bedroom decor is an absolute dream and I love seeing what items she has been using. Her stories are always so fun and aesthetic too.

@sophiemakeup: Another account with drop dead gorgeous photos of makeup products,    Sophie is so personal and talented. I can always trust her to share honest opinions concerning everything beauty-relate

@everydaypursuits: Not only does Ashley have wonderful posts concerning fashion, beauty, and travel but she also has honest and transparent insight into the influencer community. I appreciate how she is constantly providing advice and information on what she is wearing.

@dizzybrunette3: Corrie from Dizzy Brunette has the dreamiest account, featuring adorable wallpapers, outfit ideas, and beauty products. One look at her beautifully edited feed and you will be hooked too.

I hope this post helps you find some of your new favorite beauty influencers. What are you favorite blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts? I’m always looking for nes sources of inspiration!

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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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