How Much Does My Dad Know About Makeup?


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HowMuchDoesMyDadKnowAboutMakeupMakeupByMakena.jpgMy obsession with makeup affects all aspects of my life, which means that my family and friends end up having to hear all about my most recent blog post idea and that one over-priced eyeshadow palette I have been dreaming about.  Luckily, my loved ones are very supportive of this passion, and my dad was nice enough to take one for the team and take part in this fun little makeup challenge! So if you would like to know how much my dad knows about makeup or are in the mood to laugh, keep reading!

  • BeautyBlender: “Hmmm… Is that the lipgloss you always use? Is it to give you a matte finish? I have no idea!”
  • Primer: “It’s a base that you put on before your foundation, just like when you paint a wall.”
  • Foundation: “It goes over the primer, basically setting the stage for your finishes; it helps to blend all the rest of your makeup, like your rouge.”
  • Concealer: “It is used to conceal any imperfections.”
  • Powder: “It’s kind of something you put on so your face doesn’t look oily.”
  • Bronzer: “Bronzer is used to give you that tan look — that glow.”
  • Contour: “Oh um… I would say contour can be used for shaping and filling in areas that you want to create more of shape, like high cheekbones.”
  • Blush: “Blush is used to highlight your cheeks. It’s more of a rosy color.”
  • Highlighter: “Like for hair? I don’t know if that’s used around your mascara? I’m not sure what highlighter is… Oh! They’re used to accentuate your favorite features.”
  • Eyeshadow: “Eyshadow is used on the eyelids to make your eyes pop.”
  • Brow Gel: “What? It must be used to control any wild hairs in your eyebrows like hair gel.”
  • Eyeliner: “It defines your eyes and your eyelashes.”
  • Mascara: “It makes your eyelashes thicker and fuller.”
  • Lipstick: “You put lipstick on your lips to highlight them.”
  • Lipgloss: “It goes on your lips to make them look shiny.”
  • Setting Spray: “Setting spray ensures that your makeup doesn’t come off. It’s like a tile sealer.”
  • What part of makeup do you think looks the best? “I think people look better without makeup. Makeup just enhances you and mom’s beautiful features.”
  • What part of makeup do you think looks bad? “Too much of it packed on.”


Thank you so much for supporting my blog and I, and thank you so much to my dad for agreeing to do this challenge! I was honestly really impressed with how much my dad knew about makeup and I appreciate that he actually does listen to what I say about makeup even though I don’t always realize he is. I don’t know about you, but next time I apply primer or drench my face in setting spray, I will definitely be thinking about my dad painting a wall or sealing tiles!


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  1. High five to your dad! ✋️

  2. Jessica Anna says:

    Wow he definitely knows a lot more than my dad would! I’m impressed with his knowledge x

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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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