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Hi, lovelies! For my second day of Beauty Blogmas, I decided to share several of my favorite makeup tutorials that my favorite YouTubers have done. These are all perfect for the holidays in my opinion and I hope they give you some inspiration throughout the month!

  • Of course I have to list like five hundred Jaclyn Hill videos, but what can I say, she is so talented! If I could only pick one of her looks to recreate this Christmas it would probably be her  “Soft Glam Holiday Makeup Tutorial” becuase it isn’t too dramatic or crazy and perfect for the glamorous makeup lover who wants something relatively simple and neutral look to wear for Christmas!  I also like her “Holiday Festive Makeup Tutorial” , and her “Old Hollywood Glam Tutorial”as well even though they are a bit dramatic for my taste. For something a little different, I love her “Red Lips and Messy Bun” look because it’s super fun and feminine and also her “Smokey Cat Eye Tutorial” because it’s very dramatic for night time, but still neutral enough to wear! That should keep you busy for all of December!

Jaclyn Hill: “Soft Glam Holiday Makeup Tutorial”

  • I also love Jackie Wyers‘ YouTube channel and think her “50’s Makeup” looks is beautiful and perfect for Christmas. She pairs lovely red lips with a beautiful neutral eye inspired by Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams music video, which I also love, since I’m a self-proclaimed Swiftie! I also think her “Bridgette Bardot Tutorial”, her “Kendall Jenner Makeup Tutorial”, and her “Prom Makeup Tutorial” are all very unique, sparkly, and winter appropriate! If you haven’t checked Jackie’s channel out before, you really should think about it because I’ve been loving her videos lately.

Jackie Wyers: “50’s Makeup & Hair”

  • Another beauty guru I  love is Amelia Liana because she always has really creative and fun videos and beautiful neutral makeup looks for the everyday makeup addict! For holidays, I love her “New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial” because she does a stunning rose gold look on her eyes, which I have always loved. It’s shimmery and neutral, yet dramatic and fun at the same time, which is perfect for Christmas!

Amelia Liana: “New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial”

  • Watching Zoella‘s videos always makes me happy because of her cheery British accent and even though it’s not specifically for Christmas, I love her “Valentines Makeup Tutorial” because she uses all drugstore products and incorporates a lovely red lip and a beautiful cat eye! Her tutorials are also great and because she’s not a professional makeup artist they are perfect for the average person to follow along with.

Zoella: “Valentines Makeup Tutorial”

  • This tutorial is less traditional than the other ones I’ve mentioned, but I think Desi Perkins‘ “Sparkle Bronze Smokey Eye” is to die for and super glittery and warm which I love! I haven’t been subscribed to her that long, but I saw a photo of this look on Instagram and fell in love! Like I mentioned in my December Tag, I really enjoy wearing shimmery shadows during this time of year, so this look is right up my alley for the holidays!
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.12.15 PM

Jaclyn Hill: “Soft Glam Holiday Makeup Tutorial”

So that’s it for my roundup of favorite holiday makeup tutorials! Let me know if you actually try out any of these looks and I’d love to know which one is your favorite. Hope you enjoyed Day 2 of Beauty Blogmas and stay tuned for more!


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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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