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Hello everyone! Today I will be doing a full review on the “Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin” so let’s get started!

14375423 This product comes in four different versions (Normal to Dry Skin, Combination to Oily Skin, Anti-Acne, and Anti-Aging) as well as two different shades (Light/Medium and Medium/Deep). There were several different reasons why I chose to purchase the version for oily/combo skin instead. One of the main reasons is that I have combination skin which means that some parts of my skin are dry (my cheeks and around my eyes), while other parts (my T-zone) can get more oily throughout the day, especially during the summer. Because of my skin type, I thought this version would work well for me during those hot summer months where my foundation melts off my face and makes me break out. I have also found that BB creams are generally very moisturizing, which means that they tend to leave your skin more greasy (even if you do have dry skin) than other foundations would. I also read a review on this product that said that the one for oily skin gives a lot more coverage than the one for dry skin which is what I was looking for.

This oil-free product has SPF 20 and claims to… control oil and shine, minimize the appearance of pores, even skin tone while naturally covering imperfections, hydrate, and protect. Honestly, I feel that it does an amazing job at all of these things! It also contains Mineral Perlite and mineral pigments, which are meant to mattify the skin all day. It is also non-comedogenic (meaning that it won’t clog your pores) and non-acnegenic so you won’t have to worry about it causing any breakouts!

One of my favorite things about this BB cream is the amount of coverage it gives! This has medium coverage, which is practically unheard of for a BB cream, which are usually very sheer. I would say that this gives about the same amount of coverage as the L’Oreal True Match Foundation! I love that it even out my skin tone and covers all my pimples and other imperfections. If you only want a very light coverage, you can just use a smaller amount, but you can definitely build it up to achieve a fuller coverage if needed. It always feels really light on my skin like I’m not wearing any makeup at all and never gets cake no matter how much I layer on! It also lasts around eight hours without wearing off or anything, which is really good!


This is describes as having a “velvet” finish, which is basically the same thing as a matte finish. Personally, I have never liked matte foundation because it can look really  obvious that you are wearing foundation and also tends to look more cakey and flat. However, this does not look fake, cake, or flat! It looks really natural and smooth, but still keeps your skin from getting greasy throughout the day. Even if you have dry skin, I would still recommend getting the one for Combination to Oily Skin. I have some dry areas on my face and this has never caused any problems!
You can use various types of application for this product, too! I like to use my regular foundation brush to apply this, but it also works well with your fingers or with a damp Beauty Blender!

This product comes in a “squeezy tube” with a twist-on cap and contains 2.0 ounces of product, which is twice the size of most BB creams and foundations! It costs around $12 depending on where you buy it at, which I feel is a pretty decent price considering how much I love it! This is a super runny and liquidy formula (even more runny than L’Oreal True Match Foundation), which I don’t mind. However, you do have to be careful notto leave the cap off, or it will spill everywhere, even the tube is laying flat on a counter.


The only down-side that I have personally experienced with this product is the color. considering that I have medium/tan skin (which will get much darker later in the summer) and that other BB creams tend to be lighter than expected, I decided to get the Medium/Deep shade. It’s not too light too dark for skin tone, but I feel like it oxidizes after I put it one and end up looking orangey in natural lighting. If you do have very dark skin, I would advise you to steer clear of this product, because you might notlike this shade. I really do think this product is perfect except for this part, so I will probably end up buying the Light/Medium shade and mix the two together to make it look less oompa-loompa-ey!

Overall, this is one of the best drugstore products I have ever tried and am so happy that I finally bought it! It is ideal for everyday use, especially in the summer, and I would definitely recommend picking one up to enjoy!



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