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Not everyone is blessed with naturally flawless skin, but fortunately, Chanel has blessed us with the Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Sunscreen Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15, which easily creates the illusion of beautiful skin without looking like you have any makeup on!


This luxury foundation costs $48 from, Nordstrom, Macy’s, or Bloomingdale’s and comes in 10 shades including 5 warm-toned (Beige) shades and 5 cool-toned (Beige-Rosé) shades. I absolutely love the simple, luxurious, practical, and classy packaging of this specific foundation! It comes in a squeezy tube so you can get the exact amount of product on the back of yout hand without wasting any. It is the most convenient and travel-friendly foundation since it is sturdy and barely takes up any space! Although it does look very small and compact, it contains 1 oz of product just like all other liquid foundations.

This product provides a sheer, but extremely buildable coverage. One thin layer is very sheer and honestly does not make that much of a difference other than evening out your skintone. I usally wear two layers, which conceals any redness and most blemishes with a nice light coverage. Three layers gives a solid medium coverage for any blemishes, dark spots or pimples and works well on problem area without looking cakey at all. I will say that if you are someone who likes to wear a fuller-coverage foundation on an everyday basis, you probably will not like this, but if you do enjoy lighter bases, this will be your dream come true!


This amazingly luxurious everyday foundation features a fresh, clean floral fragrance.

This foundation has a water-light texture and feels weightless on the skin, just like you would if you have a freshly cleansed face. I am the first to admit that in the beauty world, the word “natural” is used way too often and is not always completely accurate when describing something, but I swear, this is genuinely the most natural foundation ever! It is undetecable on the skin and when I wear it, people compliment my skin and not my makeup – and that is because it does not look like you are wearing foundation in the first place. When I wear this, it looks like my real skin, but better and healthier, almost like a flawless second skin. This is a perfect base for everyday use, for school, work, or a lazy day, for a “no-makeup” makeup look, or for a good skin day if you normally would wear fuller coverage foundations.


 As far as the finish, this is a satiny semi-matte foundation with a natural, healthy, skin-like luminosity. Before trying this, I assumed it would be dewy, and although I do prefer a dewy finish for my dry skin, I find that this particular finish is great for summer. It is ideal for normal skin, but will work for almost all skintypes as long as the correct steps are taken. For example, if you have dry skin, as long as you exfoliate, moisturize, and prime like normal, this will look and feel beautiful and you probably won’t need to powder. If you still want it to be more dewy, then you can always add a setting spray like MAC Fix Plus or mix in a facial oil. If you have oily skin, you will want to use a primer and powder, but it should absorb most of your oil. It is non-comedogenic and oil-free, so if you have acne-prone skin this will be amazing. Plus, I have also noticed that it does not emphazie my pores, but makes them look smoother and smaller. Regarldess of your skin-type, this is long-lasting and will look fresh and pretty for eight hours and will completely set without transfering.

 No matter how you choose to apply this foundation, it will be easy-to-use, very quick, and literally impossible to get cakey – I promise! However, before each use, you must shake the bottle or the water-based formula will separate. Chanel recommends that you apply this foundation with your finger tips; usually I would never do this, but I have to admit, it does blend really well this way and doesn’t waste any expensive product. A BeautyBlender or another damp makeup sponge does make it more luminous, but it also absorbs a lot of foundation and gives you even less coverage. A flat-top kabuki brush or something like the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush also works well, but makes it more matte.


I wear the shade 40 Beige, the second darkest warm shade. You can tell how natural and invisibe this looks when blended in the photo on the right.



  • flawless and natural skin
  • does not look like you’re wearing any makeup
  • easy-to-use
  • sheer, but extremely buildable coverage
  • weightless
  • never gets cakey
  • convenient, travel-friendly packaging


  • expensive
  • small shade range
  • can emphasize dry patches or oiliness

This is my ideal everyday foundation. This is the most expensive foundation I have ever bought, and although it is not the best for my dry skin, it is personally worth the money because I have honestly never used anything like it, high-end or drugstore. Overall, I think that if you are looking for a truly natural foundation, can afford the price tag, have a normal skin type, and have tried a sample of your correct shade, then I cannot recommend this product enough!


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  1. Dr beautyfix says:

    This was one of the first foundations I purchased,it almost looks like skin(where it looks like you have nothing on and is so lightweight)Nice post x

  2. sofiacollins says:

    I’m glad you wrote a full review of this foundation, I love a good lightweight and natural looking foundation. Unfortunately I can’t justify almost $50 on a foundation right now, but some day I will buy this. The packaging is so beautiful and the amount of rave reviews makes it so tempting!

    • It is so luxurious, practical, and amazing! I wanted it for over a year before I bought it, so I can definitely understand not wanting to spend the money, especialy since it the type of product you would use every single day. Maybe ask for it for Christmas or a birthday or wait until you have gift cards saved, which is what I did. I hope it was helpful and thanks for reading, Sofia! xoxo

  3. I’ve always been so curious about this foundation. Definitely going to try it after reading this haha. Love the post! Have a read of my latest post if you have the time xoxo

  4. This post has made me poor! Haha, I want it xx

    • I hated spending this much money a foundation, but for me personally, it was worth it because it’s so amazing and I don’t think I will ever find a dupe for it. Thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful! xoxo

  5. Love this! You’re blogs are so in depth and make me want to buy everything!!!!

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