BECCA “Champagne Pop” & Champagne Glow Palette Review


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Hello, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing New Years and that the start of 2016 has been just as lovely as you are! Today, I will be doing an in-depth review on the ever so popular “Champagne Pop” Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector by BECCA Cosmetics as well as the Champagne Glow Palette.

As you may know, Jaclyn Hill is my all time favorite YouTuber and makeup artist, so when I first heard she was collaborating with BECCA Cosmetics to create her own shade of their hyped-up highlighter that she helped make so famous, I immediately added it to my wishlist and begged my amazing mom to get it for me for Christmas before it sold out! On Christmas Day, I was incredibly excited when I opened up one of my presents to find Jaclyn Hill’s creation that I’ve been dreaming about forever!


I think Jaclyn Hill is such an inspiring, genuine, beautiful, and talented woman and I wish her all the best because she truly deserves it! During the first 20 minutes after its official launch in June of 2015, “Champagne Pop” sold over 25,000 units  and broke Sephora’s record for first-day sales! And that wasn’t just a coincidence either, there’s a reason why it continues to fly off the shelves.


“I am so excited to present yo you my dream shade of the very best highlighter on the market – Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop! This creamy luminizing powder veils the skin in a soft pearlized glow. Light-reflecting pearls beautifuly catch the light, allowinf your favorite features to pop! Sweep across face or apply to targeted areas including cheekbones, brow bones, and bridge of nose. Be sure to let me know what you think and hashtag #champagnepop #defineyourlight”.

When creating this specific color described as a “soft white gold with pinky peach undertones”, Jaclyn wanted to create a highlighter that would look good on all skintones, ranging from extremely fair to extrmely dark, and, let me tell you, she did exactly that! The yellow-gold shade mixed with the pinky peach hues make it perfect for cool, neutral, and warm undertones while the versatile and universal color helps you acheive that “lit from within” light that we always dream of! Jaclyn says that she wanted this to look perfect on people with porcelain skin like her sister, Rachel, who always has a hard time finding a highlighter that doesn’t look muddy or patchy, Initially, I have to admit I was nervous that this would be too light my very tan skin, but it looks gorgeous and does an amazing job of accentuating my golden undertones and the rest of my features! I never thought this could be possible, but this honestly looks beautiful on literally every single skin-tone, so no one is excluded from this holy-grail highlighter!


BECCA Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in “Champagne Pop”

Like all the other the highlighters from BECCA, “Champagne Pop” has the exact same shiny metal and dark brown rubber packaging. You receive 0.28 ounces of product which I don’t ever expect to run out of since such a little bit goes such a long way. It’s $38, which is the same price as all the other highlighters, but it is limited-edition, so if you want this (which you most definitely do), make sure to get it ASAP before it sells out again! There is a really nice mirror on the inside of the lid, which makes it ideal for travelling and on-the-go application. When you open it up, you will find a clear plastic cover with the BECCA logo and Jaclyn Hill’s adorable signature. The compact comes in a shiny gold box with embossing that is designed to look like champagne bubbles! It features Jaclyn’s photo, signature, and a super sweet message.

***UPDATE: I am so excited to announce that as of January 12, 2016, “Champagne Pop” is now a permanent product in BECCA’S highlighter collection! Yay!  ****


“Champagne Pop”

Moving on to the actual product inside, “Champagne Pop” is “a creamy powder highlighter that absorbs and reflects light for the ultimate natural glow”. Like all of BECCA’s highlighters, the formula is extremely buttery, blendable, pigmented, and luminous! This is the last product that I apply to my face and by the end of the day, I can still see that pop of highlight on my face! Not only is is long-lasting, but it blends easily into your own skin, so instead of looking like chunky glitter, shimmer, and sparkles, which I hate, it just radiates a soft luminous glow! It’s also buildable,  so if you just lightly tap your brush into the pan, you can add a natural glow, or if you layer it up, you can create a dramatic highlight that will make all your friends jealous! “Champagne Pop” is ideal for taking photos and wearing on special occasions, but it’s pretty enough to make you want to wear it every day!


SWATCH: “Champagne Pop” swatched with flash on inside near a source of natural light;  accurate

Another nice thing is that you can use pretty much any brush to apply this and will work wonderfully. You can use a small fluffy angled brush, a fan brush, a setting brush, or even a fluffy eyeshadow brush, and the result will always be effortlessly flawless. To get that Jaclyn Hill inspired #highlightonfleek, all you need to do is dust some “Champagne Pop” on the tops of your cheekbones, your brownbones, the inner corners of your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, or on the center of your cupid’s bow. It’s that easy! It also works as an eyeshadow, depending on the look you’re going for.


From Left to Right: “Champagne Glow” Palette and “Champagne Pop”

Now for the review on the BECCA “Champagne Glow” Shimmering Skin Perfector Palette, which is based around “Champagne Pop” and is also a partial collaboration with Jaclyn Hill…  This sleek trio of powders is a few dollars cheaper than “Champagne Pop” on its own and contains 0.26 ounces of product. The palette contains the shades “Pearl”, “Champagne Pop” (of course), and “Blushed Copper”.


BECCA “Champagne Glow” Shimmering Skin Perfector Palette

This palette is much more sleek than the original packaging for the individual highlighters, as it is extremely thin, elegant, and extra travel-friendly. Both the palette and the box it comes in are a luxurious pale gold shade and what I love about this product is that it actually has Jaclyn’s signature on the lid and on the inside, so it makes it even more special and perfect for Hillsters like myself! I love what they did with the packaging on this and couldn’t ask for anything else.


From Left to Right: “Pearl”, “Champagne Pop”, and “Blushed Copper”

Now that you know everything there is to know about “Champagne Pop”, I will tell you a little bit about the other two shades in this exclusive collection! “Pearl” is an “soft luminescent white”. To be honest, I wouldn’t have bought this by itself, but it is a nice shade to have because you can use it on several different parts of your eyes including your browbones, your inner corner, and even on your lower waterline like a liner for a bright icy pop!  It would work great on very fair skin, but it also works wonderfully when you apply “Champagne Pop” on your cheekbones and then go in with a smaller, more precise brush, and apply this solely to the highest point of your cheekbones to add extra dimension! On the far right side of the palette, we have a unique “warm copper infused with rose gold tones” called “Blushed Copper”. This shade made me a little nervous the first time I used it because it’s very deep and almost a rusty color. However, as long as you are extremely light-handed with this, it truly looks beautiful and is like nothing else I’ve ever seen. It would especially look good on medium to very dark skintones. Jaclyn explained this shade as a “blush overlay” because it looks so healthy when you apply this shimmery shade over a different matte blush of any color. The shimmer does not emphasize my pores when I use this on top of my blush and the formula of these two shades is just as amazing as “Champagne Pop” is!


SWATCHES are photographed indoors near natural light with no flash. From top to bottom: “Pearl”, “Champagne Pop”, and “Blushed Copper”

The original price for the Champagne Glow Palette was $34 from Sephora. Unfortunately this limited-edition holiday palette is no longer available for purchase, but you can still buy each of the three shades individually for $38 each. “Pearl” has now been made a permanent item, but “Blushed Copper” is still an exclusive limited edition shade with stunning rose gold packaging and a unique prismatic design on the actual powder. If you are a major Jaclyn Hill fan like I am and missed out on picking this palette up, a few are still available on Amazon, Ebay, and other websites, but have now trippled in price!

Overall, “Champagne Pop” is genuinely the best highlighter I have ever used and will never use another one. Everything about it is perfect and I am so proud of Jaclyn Hill and am very greatful that she created this perfect shade! I am also very happy that I decided to purchase the “Champagne Glow Palette” and that I got to try two other unique shades!

I honestly worked so hard at writing this review for you and I took all my own photos and edited them myself! I hope that this wansn’t too long for you, but I wanted it to be helpful, informative, and honest! I love you so much and thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Lauren says:

    That palette looks gorgeous! Champagne Pop is so beautiful, i Love it!

  2. zoenina says:

    Hey! I nominated you for the beauty blogger awards 🙂 love your blog so much xx

  3. So lovely!! Great post and blog btw!! 🙂 Love it

  4. swatchmakeup says:

    Think I’m going to finally have to invest in champagne pop, looks gorgeous. Do you prefer champagne pop or pearl? x

    • Hi! I definitely prefer Champagne Pop! It’s looks good on all skin tones whereas Pearl is pure white and better for very fair skin tones. Champagne Pop is also very versatile as well. I’m glad I could help! Xoxo

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