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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.






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1. Spring, summer, winter, or fall? Honestly, I don’t have a favorite season. They’re all so different, I just can’t decide! I love the freshness of spring, the relaxation of summer, the magic of winter, and the coziness of fall! I also like that each of them have their own unique makeup styles!

2. What does your ideal date notice and compliment you on? My ideal date would notice the color of my eyes and he would compliment me on my personality and character. Too good to be true?

3. Would you rather give up lipstick, hair products, or mascara for an entire year I’d rather give up hair products for an entire year since I’m completely clueless when it comes to doing my hair anyways! Besides, who could live without lipstick or mascara? Not me! I’m definitely that girl who spends an hour doing her makeup only to completely neglect my hair. It’s a hard life!

4. If you could leave just one message for the world to hear, what would that message be? This is a really good question that’s pretty hard to answer. I would want the world to just “be kind and happy”. It might stupid, but it’s amazing how much of a difference it would make.

5. A genie appears and offers you a wish. What one beauty task would you never perform again? I would never want to do my foundation again. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way it makes your skin look and feel. However, I would love to have naturally flawless skin that I didn’t need to cover up with makeup or feel insecure about. Or I would wish for a professional makeup artist to come to my house and do it for me!

6. You have two options: money or happiness? Additionally: infinite wardrobe or flawless face? I have to admit, the money option is tempting, but I would definitely choose happiness in the end. Contrary to my previous answer, I would rather have an infinite wardrobe. Then, I would get to wear all of those amazing outfits that are on my Pinterest Board! Besides, there’s no such thing as flawless!

7. Are you a tea lover, a coffee hound, or a fan of something stronger?  I love iced sweetened tea, but I’m also a frappucino girl!

8. Have you had a “perfect day”, and what did it entail? One of my most special experiences was my Sweet Sixteen trip to Paris! I loved walking in the rain past the Jimmy Choo boutique and admiring the Eiffel Tower! I adore their culture and hope to spend a lot more time there in my future. This might sound strange, but I immediately felt like a fit in there and it will always be a special place for me.

9. What do you splurge on the most? Definitely makeup! Haven’t you seen all the products in my haul posts? It’s kind of a  problem considering I don’t even have a job yet! Lol!

10. I have not lived until I’ve seen _____! Dolly Parton in person. My dream is to meet her and talk to her and take a picture with her! She’s just so inspiring! Let me know if you happen to love her, too!


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  1. I completely agree with you on the foundation! I was just saying how I hate doing my foundation as it takes forever for it to look perfect! I’m going to do this tag as well, it’s different from other ones I have seen xo

  2. Herl says:

    I would definitely give up hair products too over lipsticks! They are just too pretty to ignore. ☺

  3. I love Dolly Parton too! She’s certainly a music icon. I also totally feel you on the makeup splurges… especially all the beautiful fall colors!

    • Oh my gosh! I’m so excited that I found another Dolly fan to share my obsession with! I love her music, but I love her as a person even more! She’s so just so kind and amazing! Thanks for commenting! xoxo

  4. nxaa says:


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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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