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Regardless of how much I love makeup, skincare always comes first — and that includes sunscreen. I recently had the opportunity to try three products from Jan Marini Skin Research, all of which are great addition to my everyday skincare routine.

The new Marini Marini Physical Protectant Untinted SPF 30* is created to be the ideal zinc sunscreen. This one appears white when applied, but does not leave any white case once blended, which is amazing. This one is the most hydrating and dewy of the three, and wears nicely under makeup.

The Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33* protect the skin from harful UVA and UVB rays while reducing sun damage. This has a sheer yellow-toned tint that blends into the skin, and it features a weightless, hydrating formula with the same tropical scent.

The Marini Physical Protectant SPF 45* utilizes purely physical filters to prevent signs of aging. It provides the most coverage out of the three, with a tint that matches my skin tone perfectly, and it has oil absorbing particles for a more matte finish. I’ve been using this on days when I either don’t wear any makeup or skip foundation.

I hope you found today’s reminder to wear SPF every day helpful.

Disclaimer: This post contains one or more beauty products that companies have been kind enough to send me free of charge for review purposes. PR Samples will always be indicated by an asterisk (*). I only support products that I genuinely use and love, and I only collaborate with brands about which I feel passionate and whose values align with those of my blog and myself. As a result, all opinions expressed on Makeup By Makena are always honest and are never influenced by an outside source.

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Hey, I'm Makena.

I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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