4 Halloween Makeup YouTube Tutorials You Can Recreate with Drugstore Products


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Regardless of if you love scary or pretty costumes, Halloween is arguably the best opportunity to be creative and have fun with makeup, and this year, beauty YouTubers have done just that! I have rounded up four of my most favorite Halloween makeup tutorials created by my favorite YouTubers, providing tips on how to recreate them and recommendations for drugstore products to use!




  • Melting Skull Tutorial by Desi Perkins: Desi Perkins is so talented and artistic, and this crazy awesome Halloween tutorial completely reflects that. I have always loved those costume looks, where one side of the face is flawless and dramatic makeup, while the other side is melted and ruined, but for this look, Desi just takes it to the next level. To be honest, this tutorial is definitely more challenging to recreate, but if you are very talented and artistic or know someone who is, then it would be so fun and unique to do for Halloween! The right side of Desi’s face was flawless and dramatic makeup, so you could use very similar shadows and liners to the ones that Jaclyn Hill used. For the warm, matte orangey-brown shade that Desi used for her crease, NYX’s “LOL” eyeshadow would be gorgeous. To mimic her smoked out lower lashline, I would recommend using the Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterprood Kohl Eyeliner in “Black” to create the black and white skull, which is very high quality. You could also use the white version to help outline the skull, so it can easily be fixed. Not only will you need a foundation that will stay put like the one I mentioned for the Cruella look, but you will most likely need some makeup remover wipes to fix your mistakes; I love the Neutrogena ones! Desi used a face paint palette that costs nearly $100, but since most people do not want to pay that much money for something they will rarely use, any face paint that blends nicely and stays in place will do, or if you are super desparate, you could always use a creamy Kohl eyeliner. Good luck!


Which one of these makeup looks is your favorite?


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  1. sofiacollins says:

    This is such a cool post Makena! Whenever I watch costume makeup tutorials they used such expensive makeup which I’m not willing to spend on for Halloween! I’m so happy you wrote this, it was so interesting to read!

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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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