3 Holiday Looks with the Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette


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The new Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette — which I will be reviewing soon — features a glistening arrangement of glitters, and what screams Christmas and New Year’s more than glitter? Nothing — which is why I am sharing three completely different seasonal makeup looks that I hope inspire you to create your own.


This palette features 24 eyeshadows: six colors, each in four finishes. For reference, the shade names are simply composed of the finish, noted on the left side, and then the color, noted along the bottom.

{Look #1 – Silver Smokey Eye }


First, I used ‘Matte Soothe,’ a warm-toned medium beige, as a transition shade. I packed ‘Matte Ritual,’ a rich dark brown, all over my lid and carefully blended out the edges to create a smokey base. Because I have almond-shaped eyes, I intentionally kept the shadow low on the inner and out corners and higher in the center to create a rounder look, accentuated with black eyeliner. For a bluish silver pop, I patted ‘Metallic Memory’ followed by ‘Glitter Memory’ all over my lid. For the final touches, I highlighted my brow bone with ‘Sequin Aura,’ a matte shell shade with fine pink sparkles, and my inner corner with ‘Metallic Aura,’ a shimmery champagne.

{Look #2 – Glitter Cut Crease}


After applying ‘Matte Aura,’ a pale cream, all over as a base shade, I applied ‘Matte Soothe’ as a transition shade, building it up in the crease. I deepened my crease with ‘Matte Ritual,’ which I gradually blended out with more ‘Matte Soothe’ and later a touch of ‘Matte Story,’  a terracotta-orange. I created a cut crease by precisely patting a thin layer of concealer on my eyelid, packing on Sequin Aura. I traced the cut crease with the Violet Voss Eye Glitter Topper in ‘Dream’ with a small amount of ‘Glitter Aura,’ ‘Glitter Soothe,’ and ‘Glitter Story’ on top.

{Look #3 – Cranberry Cat Eye}


Again, I used ‘Matte Soothe’ as my transition shade, and then I patiently blended ‘Matte Poet,’ a red-based plum, through my crease, all the way from my inner corner to my outer corner. I extended it outwards and upwards to create a cat-eye effect, which I later sharpened with concealer. Instead of using liquid liner, I stamped ‘Matte Memory’ on my lash line, and then combined it with ‘Sequin Poet’ on my outer corner and lower lash line. With a damp, flat brush, I dabbed ‘Metallic Poet’ all over my lid, finally topping the very center with ‘Glitter Poet.’

Which of these festive eye looks would you be most likely to wear this week?

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I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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