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No matter how many makeup brushes I own and love, the BeautyBlender will always be my favorite beauty tool. It has truly transformed the way I apply not only my foundation and concealer, but also so many other products. I will continue to repurchase these because they make my makeup look so airbrushed, perfected, and natural. Although $20 used to seem extremely overpriced for a small sponge, after using it for several years, I can confindently say it is completely worth the price. It replaced so many other tools and I honestly do not know how to do my makeup without it. Today, I am sharing my top 10 tips for how to make the most out of your BeautyBlender.






  1. In addtion to makeup, BeautyBlenders can also be used to apply skin care products, ranging from everything to moisturizer and sunscreen to self-tanner and serum.
  2. For a long-lasting or dewy look, dampen your sponge with a spritz of setting spray or finishing spray respectively before bouncing on your foundation and concealer.
  3. It may seem unlikely since it is most frequently used with liquids and creams, but this beauty tool works wonderfully with both pressed and loose setting powder; its slightly damp texture prevents dry skin from looking cakey and flat.
  4. One of my favorite ways to use this product is to apply my bronzer, blush, and highlighter; it blends out creams and powders effortlessly while enhancing that desired glow.
  5. Another inobvious way to use your beloved BeautyBlender is to blend out the edges of your lipstick for a more natural, diffused look.
  6. We all know that a dry makeup sponge is futile — instead of seamlessly blending out face makeup, it will absorb it all because it is not already filled with water. However, what many people do not know is that if your sponge is too wet, it can actually remove your foundation and concealer, especially if you use an oil-based product.
  7. Whether we like it or not, makeup mistakes are inevitable, but fortunately, this must-have product effectively fixes the majority of mishaps; a touch of concealer on the pointy tip sharpens up winged liner, leftover foundation can veil clown-like blush, and a few inward bounces can erase undereye concealer creases.
  8. Cleaning your sponge on a daily basis is so important, but if you do not want to purchase BeautyBlender’s cleansers, you can use a combination of dish soap and olive oil, or face wash. Just make sure that whatever you use does not contain glycolic or salicylic acid since these ingredients can deteriorate the foam.
  9. Because it is a damp sponge, BeautyBlenders need to be stored out in the open while air-drying. Keeping them in a drawer or container can cause them to become moldy, so I recommend finding a small dish for your vanity or a mesh cosmetic bag to use on-the-go.
  10.  These little pink sponges should always be discarded after three months of use; although it may be tempting, using it after this expiration date can lead to a build up of bacteria and cause tears in the foam that prevent a flawless finish.

I hope you found this post helpful and learned something new about everyone’s favorite makup sponge. What unconventional ways do you use your BeautyBlender?


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Hey, I'm Makena.

I’m Makena, the creator and editor of Makeup By Makena — a beauty blog dedicated to empowering others through the art of makeup.

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