5 Makeup Products that Make Me Excited for Winter |12 Days of Christmas

Winter is a very special season featuring a myriad of things to be excited for; Christmas traditions, cozy weather, and time spent with family are all obvious examples, but another thing that always brightens my day is, of course, the thought of makeup. This post is dedicated to five beauty products that help make me enthusiastic for the cooler months ahead. 

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How to Achieve a Winter Glow with Dry Skin |12 Days of Christmas

As the temperature decreases, the dullness of our skin increases and many of us are left to embark on a never-ending quest to attain oh-so-coveted luminosity. Despite how it may seems, achieving the perfect glow that everyone dreams of is not impossible — not even with the driest of skin or in the harshest of Winters. Just follow these five simple steps and you will completely forget that your complexion was once anything but luminous!

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