Birchbox | Collective Review #3

Receiving a wide variety of travel-sized beauty products every month for an entire year was such an exciting opportunity. Keep reading to see which products were hits and which ones were misses.

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Birchbox | Collective Review #2

Whenever I open up one of my brand new Birchboxes each month, I am filled with both excitement and intrigue at the thought of receiving five mysterious and personally-selected beauty products. I love reading these types of beauty subscription posts on other blogs because it allows me to vicariously experience those same feelings of curiosity and enjoyment, so today I will be sharing my thoughts on my past four boxes.

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Birchbox | Collective Review #1

For today’a post I will be reviewing my past four Birchboxes! If you are thinking about purchasing a Birchbox subscription for yourself or gifting one to someone else, or are simply curious about the quality of some unique makeup products, then please keep reading!

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