The Prettiest — and Best — Ice Roller from The Skinny Confidential

“Makena’s busy, hunny!”

Lauryn Bosstick is not exaggerating when she says her Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller is the absolute best!

The first time I used this, the tiny plastic roller I’d been using immediately went in the trash. 

I keep this aesthetic roller in the freezer to de-puff, rolling outward and upward on my face and then downward on my neck for lymphatic drainage. It reduces inflammation, redness, and the appearance of pores.

The perfectly pink silicone makes it comfortable to hold, and the aluminum stays colder for much longer than plastic or gel. And it feels heavy duty!

I’ve struggled with TMJ for years, and this makes my jaw feel so much better. I also use this on my neck and temples when I get headaches.

I typically use this on clean skin, but you can also apply an oil before for extra hydration.

I even run the roller under warm water for a spa-like experience. 

It is definitely more pricey than other rollers, but for me it is worth it!

I found the code ICEQUEEN online for 20% off, and I think it is still active.

Have a question about ice rolling? Leave it below!

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