A Selfridges Beauty Haul

SelfridgesBeautyHaul4SelfridgesBeautyHaul3Although it is most known for its historical landmarks, incredible architecture, and ever rainy weather, London has earned its place on my blog due to Selfridges: the largest and most luxurious department store I have ever experienced. I splurged on three beauty products that have been at the top of my wishlist for quite a while…
SelfridgesHaulSummerFridaysJetLagMaskSelfridgesHaulSummerFridaysJetLagMask2Better late than never with the famous Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask! After glimpsing this photogenic skin care product on nearly every Instagram account I follow yet somehow not seeing even one negative review, I decided this would be worth the price tag. I’ve only used this a few times — including on the crazy long flight back home — and I have already started saving for another tube! I wish I tried this sooner. The brand’s co-founders, Marianna and Lauren, actually celebrated its launch in the UK at Selfridges the day before I visited, which made this purchase extra special.SelfridgesHaulMakeupWhirlLipLinerSelfridgesHaulMacWhirlLipLinerI have been reaching for lip liners quite frequently these past few weeks and after doing a little research on specific shades, I decided to purchase MAC Lip Pencil in ‘Whirl’ — an absolutely lovely neutral mauve. It pairs perfectly with all of my most worn lipsticks, lasts ages, and is not drying. It also complements my tan skin really well.SelfridgesHaulCharlotteTilburyPillowTalkeyeshadowThe third and final item I purchased at Selfridges was the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Pillow Talk. The entire ‘Pillow Talk’ collection looks drop dead gorgeous and my self-control disappears whenever I am within ten feet of a rose gold anything, so I managed to briefly ignore the unfortunate price tag. I have not used this yet because I still need to photograph it for an upcoming in-depth review but I am so excited. I have never anything owned anything from Charlotte Tilbury before but I find the brand and its namesake enchanting. Plus, where better to make my first purchase than in England?


Do you own or wany any of these beauties and which would you like to review on most?

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