Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics ‘Nude Moment’ Lipstick Trio | An Honest Review


Left to Right: ‘That Girl’, ‘Sofia’, ‘Perfectionist’

On May 30th, Jaclyn Hill launched her highly anticipated makeup brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics, debuting with the So Rich Lipstick line, which features a range of 20 nude shades.

All individual lipsticks are $18, each of the four color-coordinated trios is $49, and the entire Power Nudes Collection is $295. Although the entire line sold out almost immediately, the brand will be restocking around June 30th and everything can be purchased from the Jaclyn Cosmetics website.

I purchased the ‘Nude Moment’ Lipstick Trio, which includes three pinky-mauve nudes perfect for my warm-toned, tan skin: ‘That Girl’, ‘Sofia’, and ‘Perfectionist’.

Before I begin reviewing all of the aspects of this product, I do want to address the controversy surrounding this launch. If you have been a longtime reader of my blog, you will know that I have loved Jaclyn Hill for years. However, whenever I write a review, I try my best to set all of my biases aside, which usually includes avoiding other peoples’ reviews until I finish my own. At first, I thought the negativity surrounding these lipsticks was just another rumor so I was not planning to address it or take it into consideration. But after seeing that these complaints were far more than just an isolated incident, I decided I could not ignore them.

I also want to briefly mention my experience with ordering my lipsticks. When checking out just minutes after the May 30th launch, I paid an additional $12 for upgraded shipping so I could receive and review my lipsticks before my trip to London. Unfortunately, instead of arriving in two business days, my order shipped on June 1st and was delivered late on June 4th. Knowing that customers who had free 5-7 day shipping received their products much sooner than I did was extremely frustrating and I will be contacting customer service to see if I can get a refund for the price of shipping.


We all know that what is on the inside matters more than what is on the outside, so although I will not spend too much time discussing the packaging, I do want to talk about how stunning and luxurious it is. As you can see, the component is a hexagon shape with smooth silver glitter. The top of the tube has a fake diamond in it, while the bottom features the shade name sticker with the coordinating color. It feels weighted, durable, and very high-end.

{Shade Range}

Jaclyn debuted her brand with a collection of all neutral lipsticks because she considers it a staple beauty product and wants everyone to find their perfect nude regardless of their skin tone. One of my favorite aspects about this product is how much thought she put into ensuring that no skin tone was left out; the line ranges from the fairest pinky beige to the deepest mauvey brown with a good mix of warm, neutral, and cool undertones.

‘That Girl’ a light pinky-peach with warm undertones. Because this is a few shades lighter than the other shades in the set, it is perfect for adding depth to the center of the lips when pairing with one of the other deeper shades. ‘Sofia’ is a medium dusty pink with warm undertones. This is the deepest of the three and complements a tan beautifully. ‘Perfectionist’, a medium terracotta-pink with warm undertones, is probably my favorite lipstick in the trio. ‘Sofia’ and ‘Perfectionist’ are very similar to one another but while the former is more orangey-brown, the latter is slightly lighter with more neutral pink undertones.

I absolutely love the way all of these shades look on my skin tone; I am pretty picky with my signature mauve lip colors but I think these are my perfect nudes! For those of you who like the colors in this trio and are looking for alternatives, I looked through my collection to find similar shades. ‘That Girl’ is similar to Milani’s ‘Nude Cream’, Sofia is similar to MAC’s ‘Velvet Teddy’, and ‘Perfectionist’ is similar to NARS’s ‘Tolede’.

‘That Girl’
‘That Girl’
{Formula & Quality}

These lipsticks are vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA and feature a highly moisturizing and comfortable blend of shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, and collagen. These glide onto the lips effortlessly and live up to their claims of beings rich, buttery, and oh so smooth. These are genuinely the creamiest feeling lipsticks I have ever tried, reminding me of a combination between the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments and the MAC Amplified Lipsticks.

Because they are so soft and creamy on the lips, they have a more shiny finish, which I think is really pretty. ‘That Girl’ has a much more noticeable sheen and slip than the other two shades and also stains the lips more. This isn’t necessarily negative but it is an inconsistency to keep in mind.

Each of these lipsticks is highly pigmented; I can achieve full opacity with one or two swipes, which I appreciate. They are not especially long-lasting but I can wear them for around three hours without having to reapply, which is typical of this type of product.

Before using the lipsticks, they looked absolutely flawless just like any other new product would. However, because of all of the horrifying photos floating around the internet, I wanted to examine them with a magnifying glass just to make sure. ‘That Girl’ had small moisture beads, most likely due to heat sensitivity, all over the bullet and a larger spot on the top. ‘Sofia’ still looked beautiful, but on the very tip of ‘Perfectionist’, I noticed a cluster of very small holes and two tiny fibers. I have never examined any of my other beauty products this closely before so to be fair I also looked at several of my most favorite lipsticks with a magnifying glass; although I did not notice any fibers or holes, some did have sweat spots and small chunks.

The more I used them the more texture they developed but many of my other lip colors also have similar lines, especially the ones with more emollient consistencies. The shade ‘Perfectionist’ had small bumps emerging on the top of the bullet that felt slightly scratchy on the lips.

I definitely had to go out of my way to notice these imperfections and if I were unaware of the negative reviews on this product, I honestly do not think I would have noticed them. Although there is a chance I will notice further problems after more use, I really enjoy the overall formula and quality.

‘That Girl’
{Final Thoughts}

Although I am happy with the quality of my lipsticks, the quality of many other customers’ lipsticks is completely abnormal and unacceptable; therefore, I unfortunately cannot and will not recommend this product to anyone, especially if it may be unsafe.

The problems being reported with the So Rich Lipstick are widespread and valid and need to be properly addressed as soon as possible.  I will not be using these until Jaclyn and her company release a more official statement, and I will most likely be seeking a replacement. I hope they reformulate this line because I genuinely adore each of three shades I own and want to feel comfortable wearing these on a daily basis.

According to their updated customer service page, the issues reported are due to irregularities in the manufacturing process — exposure to high temperatures, the improper blending of raw materials, and the shedding of gloves — and do not affect the safety of the products.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, I encourage you to email help@jaclyncosmetics.com with your order number and photos of the damaged lipstick within 30 days of delivery. The brand ensures that all unsatisfied customers will receive both a full refund and a replacement.


Version 2
From Left to Right: ‘That Girl’, ‘Sofia’, ‘Perfectionist’

I strongly believe that makeup should empower people and bring people together, and I want my blog to be a positive space for everyone so please be kind in the comments section. Thank you so much for reading and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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