Huda Beauty New Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review | The Perfect Gift for the Makeup Lover

The Huda Beauty New Nudes Eyeshadow Palette launched just in time for the most wonderful time of the year and it is the absolute epitome of glitter and pinky-nudes. If this palette wasn’t made specifically for me, I don’t know what was, so now that I have spent the last few weeks testing it out, I am finally ready to share my thoughts with you. Huda Kattan designed this shade range to enhance one’s natural beauty and embody empowerment, which I truly love. This product can be purchased at Sephora or the Huda Beauty website for $65.

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I own many different eyeshadow palettes, but in my experience, Huda Beauty has the best packaging on the market. Not only are their designs extremely innovative and highly aesthetic but the palette itself is practical and luxurious. The New Nude palette is a lovely shade of neutral peach and the cover features Huda’s stunning visage with pink holographic lettering. There is magnetic closure, no wasted space, and a large mirror, all of which make such a significant difference when traveling. The palette can be easily cleaned and it feels very durable. It mays seem trivial to some people, but knowing that the brand carefully and intentionally created this design contributes to the products overall worth.

  • ‘Bare’: a matte cream-beige shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Crave’: a metallic pinky-champagne shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Play’: a matte peach shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Fantasy’: a metallic cranberry shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Love Bite’: a matte plum shade with cool undertones
  • ‘Spanked’: a matte fuschia-berry shade with neutral undertones
  • ‘Lace’: a matte lavender shade with cool undertones
  • ‘Daydream’: a metallic light pink shade with neutral undertones
  • ‘Tickle’: a matte mauvey-pink shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Excite’: a glittery copper-red shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Infatuated’: a glittery plum shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Kinky’: a shimmery berry shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Concealed’: a thick cream concealer with warm undertones
  • ‘Secret’: a matte pinky-nude shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Tease’: a matte mauvey brown shade with cool undertones
  • ‘Raw’: a matte brick shade with warm undertones
  • ‘Charmed’: a metallic plummy chocolate brown shade with neutral undertones
  • ‘Teddy’: a matte rosy brown shade with warm undertones

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{Shade Range & Finishes}

With a versatile and wearable combination of 18 shades, this palette has truly reinvented the word ‘neutral’. This range is more pink than one would typically expect — which I love — but because the lines between warm and cool undertones are blurred, I think it would compliment many different skin tones. There is also a lovely balance of finishes, making the palette suitable for a wide variety of preferences and occasions. There are ten matte shadows, four reflective shadows with shimmering pearl flecks for a duo-chrome finish (‘Crave’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Daydream’, and ‘Charmed’), two glitter shades (‘Excite’ and ‘Infatuated’), and one pressed pearl shade (‘Kinky’). The one thing I feel this palette is missing is a deep matte shade for lining the eyes and adding dimension to the outer corner.

First Row: ‘Bare’, ‘Crave’, ‘Play’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Love Bite’, “Spanked’
Second Row: ‘Lace’, ‘Daydream’, ‘Tickle’, ‘Excite’, ‘Infatuated’, ‘Kinky’
Third Row: ‘Concealed’, ‘Secret’, ‘Tease’, ‘Raw’, ‘Charmed’, ‘Teddy’

{Quality & Formula}

The mattes shades were made with aloe vera and coconut oil, resulting in an easy-to-blend formula and a completed look that is free if any harsh lines. They are all highly pigmented yet create a very diffused and soft look, which I love. Like those in the Desert Dusk palette, these matte shades do have a large amount of kickback, not on the face, but in the palette itself. To avoid this inconvenience, I recommend gently patting the side of your brush onto the eyeshadow rather than carelessly tapping into it.

The reflective shadows are what originally drew me to this product and are by far my favorite formula in the entire palette. The iridescent white flecks blend seamlessly with each color and create an intense shimmer that reflects the light in the prettiest way imaginable. They are creamy and bright, ideal for applying all over the lid, to the very center, or in the inner corner. I have found that they have the most color payoff when applied with fingertips as opposed to a dry or damp flat brush. They do not have any fallout, which is always a plus.

The two glitters claim to contain silicone for improved adherence, pigment dispersion, and luminosity. Although these are beautiful colors and do seem less patchy than the ones in Desert Dusk, I still think they are difficult to use. I do not own glitter glue but I think it would be necessary to avoid extensive fallout with these shades and I honestly do not know where I am supposed to place these for a cohesive, wearable look.

The pressed pearl shimmer shade contains acacia, jojoba, and sunflower wax and is such a beautifully pigmented formula that applies effortlessly.

Although the more dry texture of ‘Concealed’ allows me to create a cut crease more easily and quickly than with traditional liquid concealer, I do wish it were more opaque so that I would not have to layer it. When I used this concealer, I had very noticeable creasing.

IMG_3352 3

Overall, the shadows perform wonderfully and the color story is perfect for me. I am genuinely happy that I purchased this palette and I love the looks I have created with it, but for $65, I expect a product to be flawless and this wasn’t. If you are a beginner, you might find some of these formulas a little challenging and if you are worried about the price, you can achieve similar looks with other less expensive palettes. If you are comfortable with more advanced makeup techniques and have fallen in love with these shades, you may be like me and love it.


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