10 Reasons Why I Love Doing My Makeup

Life is all about pursuing the things that make us the happiest, and makeup is certainly one of those things. So here are a few of the reasons why I love doing my makeup every day.

1) I love doing my makeup because it gives me something to consistently look forward to every morning; regardless of whatever else is going on in my life, I always know that I can sit down, do something that makes me happy, and start my day on a positive note.

2) Doing my makeup is my favorite way to de-stress. It may not be scientifically proven yet, but I am pretty sure that it is impossible to worry about an upcoming test while applying highlighter.

3) Because of my unfortunate lack of artistic talent, doing makeup on myself and even my friends allows me to express my creativity, experimenting with different techniques and styles.

4)   Makeup is my form of self-care and self-love; the time I devote to doing my makeup is the only time I am able to truly focus on and do something for myself.

5) Makeup gives me the opportunity to enhance my favorite features; nothing can replace the feeling of confidence and empowerment I experience after completing my look.

6) Let’s be real — when I get a blemish, I often feel insecure, but a little bit of concealer always makes me feel better.

7) I find that waking up even a few minutes early and putting a little effort into my physical appearance makes me feel much more put together and ready to work my absolute hardest.

8) I love being able to improve my skills every day and see how much progress I have made since I first started.

9) If I make a mistake, I can start over and fix it — after all, it’s just makeup.

10) I love doing my makeup because the joy and confidence it brings me lasts long after I take it take it all off!

Why do you love makeup?


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