Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

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The one-of-a-kind makeup collaboration we have all been waiting for is finally here and I am so thrilled to be able to share my honest opinion with all of you! The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette – which can be purchased on the Morphe Brushes website or at the Morphe store in Burbank, California – costs $38. Unfortunately for us, the palette sold out in less than an hour after its launch on June 21st, so for those of you who were not lucky enough to get the palette, it will be restocking on July 18th.


This palette looks very simple and elegant with timeless white featuring Jaclyn’s signature in metallic silver. Unlike Morphe’s standard black plastic packaging, this palette is made out of cardboard, which, as you can guess, does get dirty very easily. Although it is not the most luxurious packaging, it is not flimsy at all; I still do not think it is travel-friendly since it so large and does not have a mirror. The inside of the lid is light gray and includes a sweet message from Jaclyn, dedicating the palette to all of her loving subscribers. On the back of the cardboard box that the palette comes in are a series of adorable photos of Jaclyn, which showcase her fun and genuine personality beautifully, and another message from her about the creative process behind the eyeshadows. I really wish this on the back of the actual palette instead of just the box that I would normally throw away. It also came with a slip of glossy paper that features the shade names in order of appearance. I do wish they were printed on the palette underneath each shade, but for the price, it is not a big deal, and I prefer this over one of those clear pieces of plastic.






~Formula & Quality~

I can honestly say that Jaclyn Hill and Morphe truly fulfilled their goal of producing high quality eyeshadows for an affordable price, going above and beyond my expectations; each of the 35 shadows are exceptionally creamy, extremely blendable, highly pigmented, and very long-wearing. I have probably used the word ‘creamy’ when describing every other eyeshadow I have reviewed on my blog and although I meant it when I said it, I never realized what that actually meant; I just assumed ‘creamy’ was used to describe an eyeshadow that is smooth, blendable, and pigmented – and it is. However, when I say that each of these shadows is ‘creamy’, I mean that they also feel like a literal cream eyeshadow! The fact that the eyeshadow smudges onto the cardboard when you gently swatch the pan shows just how rich and soft the formula is. Along with this ultra smooth and luxurious texture comes instant blendability. The different finishes merge together seamlessly, and I did not find myself having to spend ages making windshield wiper motions or discover that the dark shade I went in with left harsh edges.  Despite how it may sound, I am not exaggerating when I say that I was truly shocked when I swatched these with my finger and realized that these shadows – the mattes, the shimmers, and everything in between – literally have the craziest amount of color payoff I have ever seen in my entire life! Because this formula is so creamy, the shimmer in the metallic shadows almost feel a little chunky and they do have a little bit of fallout if you are not careful, but that is normal. However, the most disappointing part of this palette for me is that some of the shimmers are far less pigmented and intense when applied to the eyelid with a brush than they are when swatched. Don’t get me wrong – when patted onto the lid using a synthetic flat eyeshadow brush with a spritz of MAC Fix Plus or even just my finger they are really nice and pigmented, but they still just do not compare to that unrealistic, jaw-droppingly metallic finish I expected when I initially swatched them. Considering the fact that I will always be a shimmer girl, I was surprised by how impressed I was with these mattes; this palette has completely transformed the way I think about matte eyeshadows! All of these mattes are not chalky, patchy, or powdery at all, but blend effortlessly, provide beautiful pigmentation, and feel so smooth. There was quite a lot of kickback for a few of the matte shades when you dip your brush into the pan, and although that is not ideal, it does not change the fact that they perform so wonderfully. When applied over an eyeshadow primer (I never use eyeshadow without one), every single shade is very long-lasting, looking exactly the same after 16 hours of wear as it did when I first applied it. This genuinely feels high-end, so whenever I remember that this only costs $1.08 per eyeshadow, I cannot help but be amazed; I believe that the price for this is completely fair, but I would recommend using a discount code or coupon because Morphe’s shipping can definitely add up.




~Shade Range & Color Descriptions~

As you can see, this palette is mainly composed of warm-toned eyeshadows, meaning they have strong yellow, orange, and red undertones. I know that a lot of people can be afraid of these really warm colors, but they are honestly so easy to use and looks so natural – perfect for enhancing your favorite features. If you already own lots of warm eyeshadows like I do and are worried that these shades will be the same, I would say to try it anyway because they are just so beautiful, unique, and completely worth it. If you are looking for a more cool-toned palette, this is obviously not ideal for you, but Jaclyn was kind enough to include a few cool-toned and neutral colors for a variety of different looks. It includes 17 mattes and 18 shimmers, so regardless of your preferences, there is something for everyone. At first I thought I would want less mattes and more shimmers, but this ratio has inspired me to venture out of my comfort zone and use more non-shimmery shades, and I think it will do the same for a lot of people as well, which I love. I also admire that this product caters to all skintones; since there is such an extensive range of neutrals and the creamy formula makes it so easy to mix shades, I think that individuals with very deep skin will have no problem finding their perfect color. When I initially saw the palette I could not help but wonder why there were so many matte eyeshadows with such similar shades, but now I really appreciate this quality because having so many similar options makes it simple for the everyday girl to achieve a flawless look. I always knew that using several similar matte shade through the crease and outer corner help everything blend more easily and seamlessly, but I have never had the opportunity to use this many neutral matte shades before, so when I first played with them and used a bit of practically all of them, I found that it really does look a million times more multi-faceted and professional. I really do love this palette’s shade range because it has so many options for transition shades, highlight shades, all over the lid shades, liner shades, outer corner shades, and pops of color! Even the bold colors that I thought I would never reach for are surprisingly easy to incorporate and make wearable.

Row 1: “Enlight,” “Beam,” “Silk Creme,” “M.F.E.O”     Row 2 : “Creamsicle,” “Butter,” “Pooter,” “Pukey”
Row 1: “Faint,” “Sissy,” “Little Lady”     Row 2: “Hunts,” “Firework,” “Queen”
Row 3: “Obsessed,” S.B.N.,” “Hillster”     Row 4: “Royalty,” “Twerk,” “Hustle”     Row 5: “Pool Party,” “Jada,” “Diva”
Row 3: “Roxanne,” “Jacz,” “Buns,” “Cranapple     Row 4: “Meeks,” “24/7,” “Chip,” “Mocha”     Row 5: “Enchanted,” ” Central Park,” “Soda Pop,” “Abyss”
  • Enlight: a very light champagne shade with a satin finish and neutral undertones
  • Beam: a very light champagne shade with a satin finish and warm undertones
  • Silk Creme: a light peachy-beige shade with a matte finish and warm, yellow undertones
  • M.F.E.O (“Made For Each Other”): a light-medium pinky-beige shade with a matte finish and neutral undertones
  • Faint: a light pink shade with a metallic, frosty finish and neutral undertones
  • Sissy: a duochrome medium pink shade with gold reflects, a metallic finish and warm, coral undertones
  • Little Lady: a medium rosy-copper shade with a metallic finish and warm undertones
  • Creamsicle: a bold, medium orangey-yellow shade with a matte finish and warm undertones
  • Butter: a medium browny-orange shade with a matte finish and warm undertones
  • Pooter: a medium brown shade with a matte finish and neutral undertones
  • Pukey: a medium yellowy-brown shade with a matte finish and warm undertones
  • Hunts: a bold, medium-dark red-orange shade with a matte finish and warm undertones
  • Firework: a medium-dark copper shade with a metallic finish and warm, red undertones
  • Queen: a medium-dark gold shade with a metallic finish and warm, orange undertones
  • Obsessed: a light beige shade with a metallic finish and neutral undertones
  • S.B.N. (“Smokey But Natural”): a medium rosy-brown shade with a metallic finish and warm, coppery undertones
  • Hillster: a dark bronze shade with a metallic finish and warm, coppery-red undertones
  • Roxanne: a medium-dark orangey-brown shade with a matte finish and warm, red undertones
  • Jacz: a dark brick red shade with a matte finish and warm, burgundy undertones
  • Buns: a medium-dark brown shade with a matte finish and neutral undertones
  • Cranapple: a medium-dark cranberry red shade with a metallic finish and warm, orange undertones
  • Royalty: a bold, dark purple shade with a metallic finish, a touch of silver glitter, and cool, blue undertones
  • Twerk: a bright, medium-dark blue shade with a metallic finish and cool, violet undertones
  • Hustle: a light-medium silvery-taupe shade with a metallic finish and cool, lavender undertones
  • Meeks: a medium-dark bronze shade with a metallic finish and warm, golden undertones
  • 24/7: a dark brown shade with a pressed glitter finish and warm, bronzey undertones
  • Chip: a dark brown shade with a matte finish and cool, plum undertones
  • Mocha: a dark chocolate brown shade with a matte finish and warm undertones
  • Pool Party: a bright, medium aqua blue shade with a matte finish, golden sheen,  and warm undertones
  • Jada: a bright, medium teal shade with a matte finish and cool undertones
  • Diva: a muted, medium-dark green shade with a metallic finish and cool, silvery undertones
  • Enchanted: a deep forest green shade with a matte finish and neutral undertones
  • Central Park: a deep coffee brown shade with a matte finish and a cool undertones
  • Soda Pop: a deep blackish-purple shade with a matte finish and neutral undertones
  • Abyss: a deep black shade with a matte finish and neutral undertones



Swatches of First Row: “Enlight,” “Beam,” “Silk Creme,” “M.F.E.O.,” “Faint,” “Sissy,” “Little Lady”
Swatches of Second Row: “Creamsicle,” “Butter,” “Pooter,” “Pukey,” “Hunts,” “Firework,” “Queen”
Swatches of Third Row: “Obsessed,” “S.B.N.,” “Hillster,” “Roxanne,” “Jacz,” “Buns,” “Cranapple”
Swatches of Fourth Row: “Royalty,” “Twerk” “Hustle,” “Meeks,” “24/7,” “Chip,” “Mocha”
Swatches of Fifth Row: “Pool Party,” “Jada,” “Diva,” “Enchanted,” “Central Perk,” “Soda Pop,” “Abyss”

I am obsessed with every single aspect of this product and am so proud of Jaclyn and Morphe; their two years of hard work and perfectionism certainly paid off. The formulas and shades range of this palette have revolutionized the way I think about and use eyeshadow, and the fact that such a creamy, high-end formula is so affordable compared to other brands is also revolutionary!


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