A Pre-Spring MAC Roundup



Top Row: “Shroom” & “All That Glitters” Bottom Row: “Soft Brown” & “Sable”


MAC “Cosmo”

Caught in between the darker cool-toned matte looks of Winter and the fresh pastel looks of Spring, it can be challenging to move your makeup routine into the new season, but I have selected seven of my favorite MAC products to make this year’s transition seamless!

MAC Eyeshadows:  Whenever I think of Spring makeup, I think of a bright pop of highlight in the inner corner like “Shroom” , a frosty off-white shade to make you look more awake. If you are like me and are not quite comfortable jumping into the pinky and pastel eye looks that are so popular in the Spring, but still want a wash of fresh and pretty wash of color all over your lid, then  “All That Glitters” is the perfect pre-Spring shade.  “Sable”  is another wonderful option for this time of the year because it the bronzey-plum shade will still fulfill your love for those deeper smokey eyes, just with more of a soft color palette. I have raved about  “Soft Brown”  so many times on my blog, but it really is the perfect transition shade not only to blend through your crease but also to carry your eye makeup looks from the cool matte browns of Winter to the soft pinky-nudes of Spring. Now, the single MAC eyeshadow pans are only $6 each, perfect to pop into a little magnetic palette like  mine!

Prep + Plus Fix +: For those of you whose skin is still recovering from Winter dryness or just needs a refreshing boost in preparation for the new season, this weightless water-based mist is calling your name. Rather than making your makeup last longer like a setting spray would, this finishing spray simply makes your skin more dewy regardless of what foundation you choose and helps the powder products melt into your skin for a healthy glow.

“Blushbaby” Powder Blush: This is the perfect MAC product to transition from Winter into Spring with because the sheer matte dusty pink embodies the beauty ideals of both seasons so well. The cool undertones and the freshness of the rosy pink combine to create a stunning and unique nuetral blush, one that somehow looks amazing on both cool-toned pale skin and warm-toned tan skin.

“Cosmo” Lipstick: “Cosmo” is a warm pink with hints of mauve and brown, which makes it the most wearable pink you will ever find. It compliments a myriad of skin tones and makeup looks, and the Amplified finish is highly pigmented with a subtle sheen. Since it is medium in tone it is great for shifting your Winter looks into a more fresh look.


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6 thoughts on “A Pre-Spring MAC Roundup

  1. I love Mac Soft Brown so much I literally just finished editing the photos for a post about it being the perfect spring shade! I really need to get more into Mac makeup, it’s all so raved about!


    1. Awesome, I cannot wait to see that post!! I love MAC because it has every type of also use it because it is the only makeup brand my mom uses, haha! Plus, now that their eyeshadow singles are only $6, it is an amazing price! I am definitely going to purchasing their palettes and inserts seperately because they are really affordable and my Z palette is just a disaster waiting to happen! xoxo

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