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Ever since it first launched over the Summer, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette has been one of the most coveted eyeshadow palettes, and after dreaming about it for months, I was finally able to purchase it! The palette, which costs $49 at Sephora, Ulta, or the Too Faced website, contains 18 peach-inspired eyeshadows


This product features some of the most adorable packaging I have ever seen. The outside of the palette is a coral-peach ombre with a sturdy magnetic closure.  There is a large mirror on the inside, making it very convenient to travel with. What really makes this even more unique is the sweet, peachy scent, which I can smell when the palette is open, but not on my eyes. I personally like the scent, but I know some people do not, so I would checking it out in the store before buying it if you are sensitive to smell.



Shades Range & Finishes

There are 7 completely matte shades and 11 more shimmery ones creating an amazing and well-balanced ratio, which is very hard to find in most eyeshadow palettes. My absolute favorite thing about this palette is the stunning and unique shade range, which can be used to create an infinite amount of wearable looks with pops of color. It is definitely one of those palettes that has every type of color you need, so you never have to reach for anything else. Although this palette is not made up of only peach shades, there are some beautiful true peaches, many peach-inspired shades, and a wide variety of complimentary colors like champagnes, bronzes, orangey-browns, corals, wearable purples, and greens, the majority of which are warm-toned. I would not recommend this palette if you want something cool-toned, but if you are interested in purchasing a palette replete with warm neutrals, yet different from other ones on the market, this is ideal! I also am very impressed by Too Faced for catering to a wide range of skintones; there are shades for very fair and very deep skintones, while still being very versatile. As with all palettes worth purchasing, I can easily create everyday, barely-there looks to dramatic, formal smokey eyes, and everything in between!


  • “White Peach”: This is a matte pale cream with warm-undertones, great for a highlight shade.
  • “Luscious”: This warm peachy champagne shade is my dream shimmery lid color! The color payoff is best when used damp, making it more metallic.
  • “Just Peachy”: A shimmery medium pink with peach and golden undertones, this one is great for a pop of bright, girly color.
  • “Bless Her Heart”: This one is a shimmering olive green with a warm golden tint, a unique shade that looks great on hazel eyes.
  • “Tempting”: The perfect shade for creating a smoked out liner, this is a black shade with bronzey shimmer.
  • “Charmed I’m Sure”: This is a muted, medium-dark matte brown and with slightly ashy undertones, one of the only cool-toned shadows in the palette.
  • “Nectar”: This eyeshadow is a yellow-based champagne, great for a frosty highlight on the browbone and inner corner.
  • “Cobbler”: Another one of my favorites, this is a very warm shimmery bronze with rosy undertones.
  • “Candied Peach”: This bright coral shade does have a few pink sparkles in the pan, but once applied, it is completely matte, great for a pop of color just above the crease.
  • “Bellini”: A gilded peachy shade with a beautiful shimmery pearl finish, this shade is gorgeous for a warm wash of color.
  • “Peach Pit”: This is a deep shimmering plum with warm brown tones, my go-to for a smokey eye!
  • “Delectable”: This shadow is a matte dark purple, stunning when adding some smokey color into your look!
  • “Peaches ‘n Cream”: This is a light, matte creamy-peach color with warm undertones, a must-have for lighter skintones,
  • “Georgia”: This is an amazing milky, peachy-pink beige and the matte finish makes it perfect to blend everything out with!
  • “Caramelized”: A medium-dark bronze shimmer with warm golden undertones, this is wonderful on the outer corner.
  • “Puree”: This eyeshadow features a medium orangey carmel-brown color and has a matte finish.
  • “Summer Yum”: Another very warm-toned matte, this red-brown is one of my most reached for shadows in the whole palette, ideal for blending through the crease!
  • “Talk Derby to Me”: This bla ck with purple glitter was honestly the only shade in the whole palette that I did not like. It is horrible quality with a terrrible pigmentation and patchy formula. The shade name always makes me laugh, though!
Swatches Top Row from Left to Right: “White Peach,” “Luscious,” “Just Peachy,” “Bless Her Heart,” “Tempting,” “Charmed, I’m Sure”

Swatches of Middle Row from Left to Right: “Nectar,” “Cobbler,” “Candied Peach,” “Bellini,” “Peach Pit,” “Delectable”
Swatches of Bottom Row from Left to Right” “Peaches ‘n Cream,” “Georgia,” “Caramelized,” “Puree,” “Summer Yum,” “Talk Derby to Me”

Quality & Formula

Too Faced is my favorite makeup brand because of the exceptionally high quality in each and every one of their products, and this palette is no different. Besides “Talk Derby to Me,” every one of the eyeshadows was highly pigmented, buttery, long-lasting, easy-to-use, and blendable beyond belief! The matte shades did have some kickback in the pan, but I did not have any problems with fallout during application. The mattes were not chalky, bur rather blended perfectly, while the shimmers were pigmented and creamy. I do think that an eyeshadow primer is necessary to achieve the best application with these, but I always use primer no matter what. I believe that these shades are truly high quality, setting a standard for other brand’s formulas.


I have been more excited about owning and using this palette than I have been about any other makeup product before, and I have fallen in love with the perfect shade range and beautiful formula. I would buy this again in a heart beat and for me, it is 100% worth $50 because of how much I have been using it. I always feel so inspired each time I open it up and see the shades. Overall, I think that if you love all of the shades in this palette and see yourself using each of them on a regular basis, then this palette would be well worth the price, and hopefully you will be as happy with it as I am with mine. Thanks for reading!


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