My Favorite Underrated Beauty Bloggers & YouTubers


Watching beauty videos on Youtube and reading beauty blog posts is one of my favorite things to do and although I absolutely love the famous beauty influencers like Jaclyn Hill, I also love other bloggers who are equally talented, but far less well-known. For my 8th day of the Twelve Days of Christmas, I will spreading positivity about my favorite beauty YouTubers and bloggers who deserve more followers!

My Favorite Underrated Beauty YouTubers

  • Kara Kendall: Kara Kendall is by far my favorite underrated beauty YouTubers and is one of the reasons why I wanted to write this post. She has almost 30,000 subscribers, but deserves millions. My absolute favorite thing about her channel is that every single one of her makeup tutorials is something that an everyday girl like me would actually wear! Pretty much all of her looks are neutral whether they are for day or night, and although some might thing everything she does looks the same, I think all of her looks are unique, beautiful, and natural! Three of my favorite videos she has done are her Jennifer Lopez Makeup Tutorial,  her Special Daytime Event Makeup, and her Copper Smoky Eye Makeup. I am obsessed with so many of her tutorials, so if you love more natural looks instead of the typical dramatic ones, please subscribe to Kara!
BeFunky Collage_39.jpg
Photos from Kara Kendall
  • Jamie Paige: Jamie is starting to gain more subscribers lately and I am so proud of her. I love her channel because all of her videos are as professional and high quality as possible, and I really like how she not only explains why each makeup product is her favorite, but also how she then uses that product in her look so you can see how it performs. She uses a variety of both drugstore and high-end beauty products, so her channel is great for everyone. I love her Favorite Nude Lip Products video, her Luxury Makeup Worth And Not Worth The Splurge video, and her L’Oreal One Brand Makeup Tutorial. She has so many different video series and I think you all will really love her!
BeFunky Collage_112.jpg
Photos from Jamie Paige
  • Amber Fillerup: A few years ago I discovered Amber’s blog, Barefoot Blonde , and immediately became obsessed with all of her magical vacation, beauty, and family photos! I usually do not like to say this about people, but Amber literally has my dream life – she is a famous blogger, travels to beautiful destinations, is an amazing mother to two adorable kids, and gets to photograph every moment! I made all of my friends fall in love with her too, and although her blog and instagram are very popular, her YouTube channel is pretty underrated. She has so many stunning hair tutorials, but personally, I love her travel vlogs and beauty videos the best… My personal favorites are her Italy 2016 Travel Diary, her 3 Minute Makeup Routine, and her Fall Glam Makeup Tutorial. So, defintely check out her other platforms, but also feel free to watch her videos as well.
BeFunky Collage_168.jpg
Photos from Amber Fillerup

My Favorite Underrated Beauty Bloggers

  • Born To Be Bright: I cannot talk my favorite underrated beauty bloggers without talking about my blogging bestie, Sofia Collins! I have done several collabs with her over the past year or so and we always have so much fun planning them and drawing inspiration from each other. Even though I have never actually met her, I feel like I know her because she is so sweet and always comments on my posts. We both love the same warm-toned eyeshadows and glowy skin looks, so we are always recommending products to each other, and I really value her opinion. Her reviews and descriptions are so helpful to read and I love her photography because she always experiments with unique angles and backgrounds! She puts so much effort into each post, and my favorites are her Everyday Makeup Routine,  her If I Could Only Keep 10 Items Challenge, and her No Makeup Challenge. Her beauty posts are truly some of my top favorites to read and she definitely deserves way more followers, so please go follow her blog right now!
BeFunky Collage_100.jpg
Photos from Born To Be Bright
  • Wear Daisy Went: This is one of the bery first blogs I followed when I created my own WordPress, and I have been regularly reading her posts ever since! My favorite thing about it is her incredible photography! Her flat lays are always so bright and well-arranged, and her blog layout is just perfection! I like how short and simple her posts are and I cannot get enough of all the stunning neutral makeup she writes about! Whenever I read her beauty posts, I am always so inspired to improve my own blog posts and photos! I genuinely love all of her beauty posts, but a few of my favorites that I recommend reading are her Festive Travel Makeup Bag post, her Everyday Nude Lip Lineup, and her Barely There Summer Makeup look!
BeFunky Collage_251.jpg
Photos from Wear Daisy Went
  • Gemma Louise: This is also one of my most favorite beauty blogs because her flat lays are always so detailed for the perfect composition, each of her posts are so well-written and descriptive, and we have very similar taste when it comes to makeup products and looks! Her Glittery Autumn Eyes tutorial is one of the prettiest eyeshadow looks I have ever seen, her Autumn Beauty Picks post thoroughly describes so many amazing products I have been wanting to try, and her post on How To Master Flat Lay Photography was so helpful and inspiring! If you are not already familiar with her blog, you just have to go check it out!
BeFunky Collage_205.jpg
Photos from Gemma Louise

I encourage all of you to share your favorite underrated beauty YouTubers and bloggers, as well!


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