My Everyday Essentials | Makeup Products That I Use No Matter What

As a makeup lover and beauty blogger, I truly enjoy trying new makeup products and experimenting with different looks on a daily basis, so I almost never do my makeup the same way twice, no matter how similar the end result may be. But regardless of how much my eyeshadow, bronzer, and lip colors change, there are a few makeup products that I always fit into my beauty routine every single day no matter what. These five favorites are absolutely essential for me and I could not love them more if I tried!

  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: I have been using this same eyeshadow primer every single day since I first purchased it over a year ago and there is still a good amount of product left in the tube! Whether I’m just doing a swash of natural color all over the eyelid or a detailed and dramatic smokey eye, I can always count on this to make my eyeshadow last flawlessly until I want to take it off.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in “Soft Brown”: Being the perfectionist that I am, I was really tempted to edit these photos so my eyeshadow doesn’t look so ugly, but I figured you might as well see how much I truly use it! Obviously, I use it so much that I dropped it and did some irreparable damage, but I still manage to use it every single day! I have talked about this before, but if you can only afford to get one eyeshadow from MAC, I would strongly encourage you to give this one a chance. It may look boring and basic, but it is a wonderful matte warm medium brown and will work for lots of different skintones. It is the perfect transition shade to pop in your crease before you apply any other shadows because it really helps everything else blend easily and more seamlessly. These types of high quality matte shades are very difficult to find at the drugstore and I honestly cannot go a day without using this exceptional eyeshadow no matter what type of makeup look I am doing!


  • Beauty Blender: I have had this miracle sponge for about six months (don’t worry, I clean it all the time!) and honestly, I have no idea what I ever did without it! I use this ever single day whether I am applying my foundation, blending out my under-eye concealer, or going over my entire face to make sure my look is completely cake-free. Even when I use a brush to apply my foundation, I still go over my entire face with this because it realy blends everything into the skin for a flawless and more natural-looking complexion. It is simply perfection and I consider it a crucial element of my everyday routine!
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Transparent Powder: This translucent powder is not only very affordable, but it is a really great quality! I always use it to set my under-eye concealer to prevent it from creasing and I also dust a very light layer over my t-zone to prevent it from becoming oily throughout the day. Even though I do have dry skin, this powder never looks cakey or powdery, so I really enjoy reaching for it every morning to ensure that everything stays put.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: This is one of my most-loved makeup products and I have three different tubes to prove it! I love it so much for everyday makeup looks because it has the perfect lightweight feeling yet provided build able coverage for concealing blemishes and dark circles. I also it for highlighting too because it has a natural finish. I have tried so many different concealers, but this is by far my favorite and serves an important part in my makeup routine every day.

What makeup products are always constant in your beauty routine? Let me and everyone else know down below!


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19 thoughts on “My Everyday Essentials | Makeup Products That I Use No Matter What

    1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! The Beauty Blender has truly changed my everyday makeup routine and the Rimmel powder is really impressive, especially for dry to normal skin. What are your favorite everyday products? If you have any post requests, please feel free to let me know!

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  1. I’m planning which single shadows I want to get from Mac and Makeup Geek and Soft Brown was the first on my list! I’m excited to pick it up! I also love the Beauty Blender but can’t make myself spend $20 on it again. I need to pick up a new Stay Matte powder, it’s one of my favorites!

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    1. Can’t wait to see what other shadows you end up getting! I’ll be getting some more this week as well! Have you tried the Real Techniques dupe? I’ve heard it just as amazing! What products do you reach for everyday no mater what? I’d love to know! Thanks! xoxo


      1. I tried the RT sponge and didn’t like it, the texture is so so different from the BB. It’s so much harder and stiffer than the Beauty Blender. I always use Rimmel Brow This Way for my eyebrows, it’s the perfect shade and not too stiff.

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  2. I’m right there with you on the fit me concealer and the UD eye primer potion. I love them with all of my heart! My M439 brush from Morphe is my favorite brush that I can’t live without. These are great choices! That soft brown is a pretty color! Bonus! Mac just dropped their prices on their single shadows, so this girl might have to make a purchase soon!


    1. Yes! I’ve heard so many amazing amazing things about Morphe, but I don’t like to shop formakeup or brushes online. “Soft Brown” may seem like a plain, boring color, but it is so practical and helpful and I definitely recommend investing in the perfect matte transition/blending shade for your skintone! I need a MAC haul too! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! xoxo

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      1. Yeah I was really hesitant too, but I did plenty of research on YouTube from all of my favorite makeup artists before I bought any. Their suggestions were very helpful! No girl I’m all about matte shades. I seriously love your posts. They’re always so good!

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