100 Followers & 100 Thank You’s!

I-love-my-followers-01-510x320When I woke up this morning and checked my blog I was beyond excited to see that I finally got 100 followers! When I first started my blog around 6 months ago, I remember screaming with excitement when I got my very first follower! I know 100 followers may not seem like a lot to some people considering that my personal favorite YouTubers have over millions, but to me 100 is enough.

I genuinely appreciate every single one of you who make up that little number on my screen and I want you to know that I honestly love you! You truly make me happy and you allow me to pursue my dream! So thank you so much for all of your support and for reading my posts! I love you guys and cannot wait to see what our future brings!

As always, I absolutely love hearing your feedback and I want to keep my blog interactive, so feel free to leave comments, constructive criticism, advice, or post requests on any of my posts! Once again, thank you so much for letting me do what I love and making me smile everyday!


I love you all so much, so…


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