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Hi, everyone! I am so happy with all of the feedback I am getting and want to thank everyone for helping me get 50 followers! I know this isn’t a lot compared to people who have millions, but I truly appreciate each and every one of you! Since I can’t do a give-away, I thought it might be fun if I did a Questions and Answers post instead. But to do so, I am going to need your help! I can’t do Q and A unless all of you ask me questions! So please, please, please ask me all of your beauty-related or non-beauty related questions in the comments below! If I end up with enough questions, I will answer all of them in a post! Thanks again for all of your support and feedback and start your questioning!!!!



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24 thoughts on “Ask me Questions!!!

  1. I have two 😊 1-What’s you’re favorite mascara and 2- do you use falsies (lashes)? I’ve been wanting to try false lashes and have heard House of Lashes and Ardell lashes are two of the better ones so an wondering if you can recommend any. Thanks!

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