50 Facts About Me!

To celebrate my 50th blog post, I will be doing a 50 Facts About Me Post! So let’s get started!


1) I live in the United States.

2) I consider makeup to be my hobby!

3) I am 5’4, so I don’t consider myself to be really tall or really short.

4) I have long wavy brown hair.

5) I usually have green eyes, but they change color depending on what color clothes I am wearing.

6) My favorite scent is vanilla.

7) I am an only child.

8) I love heels-the higher the better!

9) I am obsessed with Dolly Parton! She is my role model and inspiration.

10) I love country music.

11) Currently, one of my favorite songs is “From the Backseat” by Lucy Hale.

12) My grandpa and Dolly Parton are my biggest role models.

13) When doing makeup, I prefer bold eyes over bold lips.

14) Ice cream is my all time favorite food.

15) I love Paris and dream about living there one day.

16) “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “The Help” and “Water for Elephants” are some of my favorite books.

17) My favorite subjects in school are English and History.

18) I have a 4.3 GPA.

19) My favorite vacation destination is Hawaii and Paris.

20) I really want to visit San Francisco because I haven’t been there since I was a baby and don’t remember it.

21) Some of my favorite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Rizzoli and Isles, The Little Couple, Ghost Whisperer, Golden Girls, and The Nanny.

22) Some of my favorite movies are Life as We Know It, The Devil Wears Prada, 9 to 5, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Titanic.

23) I have an adorably fat cat, who is one of my best friends.

24) My dream careers include being a  journalist, a teacher, a makeup YouTuber, and a lawyer.

25) I have a fear of public speaking, spiders, vomit, and being trapped under water.

26) I dislike and am terrible at all sports.

27) My favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

28) Pretty much everything in my room is purple.

29) I wear a size 8 shoe.

30) I love plain cheeseburgers from In n Out.

31) I am totally an introvert.

32) I have a type A personality.

33) I am a Capricorn and all the characteristics fit my personality perfectly.

34) I love Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

35) I take crazy long showers to relax.

36) The latest I have ever slept in is probably 9 AM.

37) I have never pulled an all-nighter.

38) I want to learn a lot of different languages.

39) I am addicted to Pinterest. Follow me, please!

40) I play Kim Kardashian Hollywood, even though I can’t stand her.

41) I like reading books cuddled up in blankets with my cat on rainy days.

42) I can’t sing, act, or dance to save my life.

43) I like photography and really want a polaroid camera.

44) I once tried to ride a mattress down a flight of stairs like in Princess Diaries 2. It didn’t end well!

45) I still sleep with a teddy bear.

46) My least favorite foods are onions, salami, seafood, tomatoes, and all types of sauces.

47) When I go to Starbucks, I order a light grande Mocha Cookie Crumble.

48) I am a very indecisive person and once took several days to by a pair of designer sunglasses.

49) I don’t like pizza because I hate tomato sauce.

50) Having to think of fifty things about myself is crazy hard!

I know this was different from what I usually do on my blog, but I hope you enjoyed learning more about who I am and discovering the face behind the blog!

I would really appreciate any feedback, requests, or advice!


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