Maybelline “Dream Fresh BB Cream” Review


Normally, I wear my L’Oreal True Match Foundation, but in tthe summer, I don’t like wearing a lot of foundation because it feels heavier due to the heat. Lately, I have been looking for a really lightweight BB cream that still gives decent coverage. A while back, I decided to try the Maybelline Dream Fressh BB Cream which coest around $8.99 depending where you get it. I usually like Maybelline products, so I had high expectations for this product. According to the Maybelline website, it claims that it blurs imperfections and also brightens, evens, smoothes, hydrates, and enhances your skin.  It has SPF 30 and is oil-free.

For me, this product did not fulfill any of its promises. I realize that BB creams are light coverage, but this did not give me any coverage and I can’t even tell the difference from before and after. I do not feel that it blurs my imperfections, brightens, evens, smoothes, hydrates, or enhances my skin. I have dry skin, but this makes my skin look more oily. When you first apply it, it feels very heavy and sticky and does not blend very easily, but the stickiness goes away after it sets. I also do not like the smell and it honestly feels like gross sunscreen.


Personally, I hate giving bad reviews, but this product was really disappointing for me. I realize that some people really like BB cream, but as we all know, different products work differently for different people, and for me, this one just didn’t work. If you like this, then that’s great!

If you are going to buy this, I would recommend getting a shade darker than you normally would, because it looks a lot lighter when applied.

Please let me know if you have tried this what you thought of it and I hope you enjoyed this review!



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