Wet n’ Wild “Walking on Eggshells” Trio Vs. Urban Decay “Virgin”, “Smog”, and “Sin”

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 6.57.28 AM

tumblr_inline_nlyhdhj80C1sa3yyp_500Left to Right: Urban Decay “Virgin” and Wet n’ Wild “brownbone”

Virgin has a more satin finish while the WnW shade is more shimmery and slightly lighter. Out of the three shades, I would say these two are the least alike, but they are still pretty similar.

tumblr_inline_nlyhdaZtlY1sa3yyp_400Left to Right: Urban Decay “Smog” and WnW “crease”

These shades are very similar, but the WnW is slightly more bronze colored, while Smog is slightly more gold. They both have shimmery finishes.

tumblr_inline_nlyhcykcV31sa3yyp_400Left to Right: UD “Sin” and WnW “eyelid”

These shades are literally identical! There is absolutely no difference between the two colors in any way.

tumblr_inline_nlyh461jOM1sa3yyp_1280From Left to Right: UD “Sin”, WnW “eyelid”, UD “Smog”, WnW “crease”, UD “Virgin”, and WnW “brownbone

Even though “Virgin” and “Smog” aren’t 100% identical to the two Wet n’ Wild shades, they are super close, and once applied, you can’t tell the difference. Overall, I would definitely consider these three eyeshadows dupes for the ones in the Naked 1 Palette. I highly recommend this inexpensive trio to anyone who is interested in these 3 specific Urban Decay shades.

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