My Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

1) Zoella: Zoe was the very first beauty guru that I ever subscribed to and is still my favorite. Even though she is not a professional makeup artsist, she is still very talented and creates easy looks that almost everyone can do! She has the most amazing personality and does some very fun non-beauty videos, too!


2) Jaclyn Hill: I am obsessed with Jaclyn’s channel because it only has makeup tutorials! She is a professional makeup artist who worked at Mac for several years, so she defintely knows what she is doing. She is very down-to-earth and says the most hilarious things! She does everything from neutral everyday looks to glamorous nighttime looks.

3) Ingrid Nilsen: I love Miss Glamorazzi’s Channel because she uses a ton of afforable makeup and has some really fun and creative videos! She is has a very bubbly personality and really cares about her viewers!


4) I love that Kathleen uses a lot of drugstore makeup because it mkaes her channel perfect for girls on a budget! She usually does more neutral makeup, but also uses pretty pops of color, which I love! She is always so genuine and has a very positive attitude!


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